DJ Steve Aoki shares what podcasts he’s listening to when he’s not in the middle of recording an album

January 18, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Podsauce! Fresh off the plane from the Audacy Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dax and Alesha had a great time interviewing celebrities about podcasts they love, podcasts they’ve been on, and podcasts they host.

Giving us some great podcast content at the festival was none other than DJ Steve Aoki. While he’s currently not in podcast-listening-mode while he finishes up his album, the one podcast he says he always makes time for is “The Joe Rogan Experience.” He enjoys the wide variety of guests on the show and the entertainment it provides for him.

Aoki also says he loves a good self-help podcast like “The Tim Ferriss Show,” of which Dax recommends episode “#406: Bob Igar – CEO and Chairman of Disney,” released in January of 2020. Dax loves hearing about the backstory of Disney and Igar’s friendship with Steve Jobs. Aoki also says that he’s been tuning in heavily to podcasts and conversations about NFTs (and we have the perfect list of NFT podcasts for anyone interested).

As for if he would ever host a podcast, Steve Aoki lets us know that he has indeed hosted a podcast called “Aoki ‘N Air.” The podcast is five short episodes that dive into different aspects of Japanese culture, from food to art to fashion. It was basically his love letter to Japan, speaking about why it’s his favorite country. It’s Steve Aoki’s insider guide to traveling to Japan.

When asked if he were to host another podcast, he unsurprisingly says it would definitely be about NFTs. He’s fascinated by the future of that landscape along with crypto and enjoys engaging in the space.

Finally, Dax asks if Aoki who, dead or alive, would he most want to listen to on a podcast, to which he answers former wrestler, founder of the restaurant chain Benihana, and his own father, the late Rocky Aoki. He says that not only could his dad talk a mile a minute about anything, but he lived such a dynamic, full life that he would love to hear more stories from his father.

Even just from 1960 to 1969, Steve says his father would have so much to say. As a Japanese immigrant arriving in the United States less than two decades after the Japanese internment camps of World War II, Rocky Aoki created a thriving restaurant chain based around Japanese cuisine. Before then, Americans wouldn’t even touch sushi, but Rocky created an American tradition, even making certain sushi dishes a staple of American cuisine over Japanese cuisine. Aoki talked about his father to Dax until he was just minutes away from performing onstage at the Beach Festival, and we are so grateful to have had even that short time with him.

Steve Aoki’s Picks

Aoki ‘N Air

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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The Tim Ferriss Show

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