‘Bachelorette’ alumni Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo of ‘Talking It Out’ list out their dream guests

December 7, 2021

On this episode of Podsauce, Dax and Alesha were delighted to have on Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo of “Talking It Out” to chat about life, love, and the ups and downs of it all. But first, we have some pod picks for you.

First up, for Podsauce’s Murder Most Foul pick, Alesha has an extra bone-chilling true crime podcast to recommend. “Rotten Mango,” hosted by Stephanie Soo, does deep dives into every aspect of true crime: from the backstory of those involved to the psychology of a killer. Dax can’t stop shuddering at the episode Alesha recommends, “#88: The Girl Under The Mattress (Kidnapping of Shannon Matthews).”

Alesha’s main pick of the week is “Checking In with Michelle Williams.” Yes, that Michelle Williams. The Destiny’s Child singer hosts her mental health podcast where she speaks with guests and friends about depression, anxiety, and their mental health journeys. She also offers tips on handling hardships and coping strategies for emotional well-being.

And now on to the main event – Podsauce’s guests of the week are the hosts of the Bachelor Nation podcast “Talking It Out,” Mike and Bryan. Both are alumni of The Bachelorette, with Brian being the now-husband, then-winner of Rachel Lindsay on the show. Mike was a fan-favorite on Hannah Brown’s season of the show, and also starred on the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise.

One of three Bachelor Nation podcasts, “Talking It Out” is the only one hosted by solely men. When asked what makes their podcast different from other Bachelor podcasts, they say that their show takes one topic and one person and dives deep into it. They break down topical issues from the show, cultural moments, and personal stories from the contestants who don’t get to be seen as fully fleshed-out human beings on the reality show. They talk about love, social media, breakups, vulnerability, and other topics that you might only discuss with close friends.

Dax and Alesha really dig deep into Mike’s thoughts about being single after publicly searching for love on television, which Mike has no problem answering. But Alesha shuts the conversation down fast after Bryan and Dax try to play matchmakers for her and Mike.

As for their favorite interviews on their podcast (and the ones that they think best represent “Talking It Out”) Bryan reaches outside of their Bachelor alum pool to recommend their episodes “Mike & Bryan Discuss Sex and Intimacy with Sexologist Shan Boodran” and “The One and Only Erin Brockovich Talks It Out.” Mike’s favorite episode is their first one, “Emmanuel Acho, Plus: Mike Johnson Addresses Not Being Chosen as the Bachelor,” where they talk about racism within pop culture and the Bachelor franchise.

And for who the guests they haven’t had on yet, Bryan says a guest he is dying to have on is Dave Chappelle, while Mike says he would love to have Cassie Randolph, the woman who won Colton Underwood’s season (they are long broken up for a number of reasons). He is also swinging for the fences and hoping that they could someday get Kanye West and Jay-Z on the pod.

Finally, Mike and Bryan hit us with their podcast suggestions. Mike shouts out “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” and “Bachelor Happy Hour” along with “Earn Your Leisure,” while Bryan, of course, has to throw it up to his wife with “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay,” and “All The Smoke” hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

To wrap it all up, Podsauce’s Odd Pod pick of the week is an especially good one: “Ologies with Alie Ward.” Ward’s comedic talents paired with the intellect of the experts she has on makes for a great time. For instance, did you know that there are people out there who just study possums? Opossumology, baby. There’s such a wide variety of episodes that you can listen to in any order, be sure to check out “Ologies with Alie Ward.”

Until next time, Podsauce fans!

Murder Most Foul

Rotten Mango

Listen to ‘Rotten Mango’

Alesha’s Pick

Checking In with Michelle Williams

Listen to ‘Checking In with Michelle Williams’

Odd Pod

Ologies with Alie Ward

Listen to ‘Ologie with Alie Ward’

Bryan and Mike’s Picks

Click Bait with Bachelor Nation

Listen to ‘Click Bait with Bachelor Nation’

Bachelor Happy Hour

Listen to ‘Bachelor Happy Hour’

Earn Your Leisure

Listen to ‘Earn Your Leisure’

Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay

Listen to ‘Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’

All The Smoke

Listen to ‘All The Smoke’

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