‘Tenfold More Wicked’ host Kate Winkler Dawson chats about murder motives, unknown crimes, and more

July 6, 2022

Tenfold More Wicked‘s” host Kate Winkler Dawson stopped by Podsauce to share all about her true crime series. This podcast deep dives into the lives of victims and killers while investigating a different story each season. Kate shared the kinds of intriguing stories her podcast covers, including unknown crimes, family members with unforgettable stories, and strong themes.

Alesha and Dax listened to “Blood Feud,” a season idea pitched by listener Katie Witcher to share her family’s crime stories. A soured marriage between James Clement and Victoria Witcher Smith sparked a major feud between two families in the 1800s, a story mostly unheard until it was shared on “Tenfold More Wicked.” This season also explores public humiliation as a murder motive.

Kate extensively researched the Witchers and traced their roots to Southern Virginia and the American Revolutionary War. Over the years, many Clements married Witchers. What started as a custody battle over their daughter turned into 3 murders, ruined reputations, and a showdown. Kate said both families recall all details passed down each generation, and the podcast resulted in a family reunion of sorts.

This season also discussed the evolution of women and divorce over the years. In the 1800s, it was up to the state to sign off on divorces. Victoria’s filing was unusual back then, but her family fully supported her decision. Kate teased some of what listeners can expect on this season of “Tenfold More Wicked,” like public humiliation through history, and cited the example of why you should “never tweak a man’s nose.”

Season 6 brings listeners back to Texas during the Depression. In the 1930s, Dorothy Symons babysat many kids, one of which would grow up to investigate her murder. Dorothy’s body was found buried in the sand in Port Aransas. This season, Kate spoke with Dorothy’s family members and true crime experts to unpack the grisly case, where a ton of victim-shaming occurred. Kate said this family was so affected by her death, and their loss continued to impact future generations.

Lastly, Kate shared some of her favorite podcasts including “Over My Dead Body” Season 1, “Bear Brook,” and “West Cork.”

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