‘The Ginni Show’ host Ginni Saraswati explains her unique link to rapper M.I.A.

March 18, 2022

In this week’s exclusive interview, Podsauce hosts Alesha and Dax chatted with the insightful and hilarious Ginni Saraswati from “The Ginni Show.” She embraces her unique perspective and shared why podcasting is the ideal broadcasting medium. Ginni enjoys connecting with others, acknowledging humanity, and providing platforms for other creators with her company, Ginni Media.

Ginni started the series in 2016 after working at a breakfast radio show in Australia for around 10 years. Ginni noticed the rise of podcasting and decided to try something new to reach a broader audience outside of the morning program she hosted. The interviews she did on the morning show were separated into episodes and uploaded to iTunes, so those were technically her first podcast episodes before “The Ginni Show.”

“The Ginni Show” started as an autobiographical comedic narrative about growing up as a gay Sri Lanken woman in Australia with aunties and cousins. It became her creative outlet to connect with people while entertaining others and occasionally poking fun at family members.

Dax learned from the episodes he listened to, featuring real-life conversations about the world. Ginni appreciates people’s unique perspectives since they have so much to share, and Ginni loves to learn. She shifted the show’s format for the 3rd and 4th seasons and welcomed guests from the worlds of health, education, media, and more on episodes to share invaluable lessons and conversations that enable listeners to reflect.

Alesha asked Ginni about her experiences representing three minorities she identifies as: a woman, part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and a person of color. Ginni’s family moved to Australia when she was 2, and she spoke about growing up as the only Brown kid in school and questioned her identity, where she fit in, and how different values shaped her life. She mentioned the musical artist M.I.A., who is British and Sri Lankan. Now, Ginni resides in New York.

Ginni values space to discuss her experiences and creates an inclusive environment for people to be seen and heard. As an entrepreneur, Ginni operates her own media company and explained the types of content she presents on her platforms, working with an array of folks – from entrepreneurs to creators and visionaries shaping the future with interesting stories to share.

Ginni considers podcasting as the ideal method of communication when comparing broadcasting mediums in the ubiquitous age of information overload. Categorizing podcast listening as a truly special and solo activity, Ginni knows it is an intimate medium allowing podcasters into your personal space via your ears. And it’s the only medium where you can multitask while listening.

Start episodes of “The Ginni Show” in any order with over 150 releases to choose from. The average episode runs 35 minutes long. Dax and Alesha listened to the “4 Steps for Conducting Tough Conversations with David Wood” episode and learned tips.

Ginni recommended a slew of podcasts including “Messy & Magnificent with Karlee Fain,” “Modern Love,” “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” and “Unlocking Us with Brené Brown.”

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