‘The Run – 2016 Chicago Cubs’ hosts Roy Wood Jr. and Matt Spiegel share what makes Cubs fans so special

November 30, 2021

On this episode of Podsauce, hosts Alesha and Dax were thrilled to chat with Roy Wood Jr. and Matt Spiegel from the podcast “The Run-2016 Chicago Cubs.” But before this week’s fab interview, Alesha and Dax shared their podcast picks.

This week’s Odd Pod is “The Empty Bowl,” a series hosted by cereal fanatics Justin McElroy and Dan Goubert. Alesha shared “Small Doses with Amanda Seales” as her pick, a comedic podcast sharing life’s truths. Alesha listened to the “Side Effects of a Pregnancy Loss” episode, and she shared her personal connection to this episode.

Audacy and Major League Baseball’s “The Run – 2016 Chicago Cubs” is a sports podcast with 10 episodes. The average run time is 50 minutes long, and we recommend starting from the first episode. On Podsauce, Roy and Matt shared their passion for sports and explained that listeners do not necessarily have to be Cubs fans to enjoy the podcast, as it caters to anyone who appreciates sports.

Alesha was eager to hear Roy and Matt’s thoughts on the Cubs curse. Matt likened it to “bad ownership” and poor decisions over time while Roy said the curse *might* be real and joked about seeing goblins in the second grade.

Roy talked about episodes when the podcast dives into superstitions, such as when guest and Chicago native Katie Rich from SNL appeared on the show. She shared her father’s story involving a special seat at Wrigley Field. Theo Epstein was also a recent guest who spoke about ownership and breaking the curse with Boston Red Sox. Roy said episodes dig into superstitions that Cubs fans actively engage in. During the playoffs, Roy wore the same lucky robe without washing it, and his girlfriend made him stash it in storage.

Roy and Matt shared their podcast picks. Matt just listened to “Dr. Death” and Roy tunes into “Brother From Another.”

Lastly, Alesha shared her Murder Most Foul pick, “Morning Cup of Murder,” a series about what happened each day in true crime history. Alesha recently listened to “The Arrogant Killer” episode.

For more with Matt Spiegel and Roy Wood Jr., check out Podsauce’s full episode. Scroll down to see this week’s complete list of podcast picks:

Odd Pod

The Empty Bowl

Listen to ‘The Empty Bowl’

Alesha’s Pick

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Listen to ‘Small Doses with Amanda Seales’

Matt Spiegel & Roy Wood Jr.’s Picks

Dr. Death

Listen to ‘Dr. Death’

Brother From Another

Listen to ‘Brother from Another’

Murder Most Foul

Morning Cup of Murder

Listen to ‘Morning Cup of Murder’

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