‘The Skeptic Metaphysician’ host Will Rodriguez is trying to prove the existence of things we can’t see

January 14, 2022

This week’s Podsauce exclusive interview is with one of the “The Skeptic Metaphysician” himself, Will Rodriguez. As Will describes it, metaphysics is the act of discovering what’s out there not in the three dimensional world. While he loves the topic, he’s not so sure he is 100% on board with everything beyond the physical, hence why he started his podcast. He needs proof.

In his podcast, he embarks on a journey of discovery, speaking with people within the spiritual, metaphysical, and mental health worlds. As he tells Dax and Alesha, he has spoken with people across all experiences and expertises: from clairvoyants and psychic investigators to healers, witches, and vampyres.

Okay, so where does this all come from? Why is Will so interested in proving things beyond what we can see, feel, and hear? He tells Dax and Alesha what made him begin to study metaphysics, which was actually a mental breakdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. He saw a therapist and looked into solutions for improving his mental health, but it turned existential on him, sending him into yet another crisis. And the basis of his podcast, “The Skeptic Metaphysician” is his search for purpose and an answer to why we are here.

Alesha shares that none of what he has said so far is foreign for her; not only is she Creole, growing up in Louisiana, but her grandmother was Native American. Things like astral projection are deeply embedded in Native American cultural, and within Creole culture comes a heavy spirit world along with the divinity of past lives. She even shares that she has practiced astral projection before, which is so interesting to hear.

Will says that he’s jealous of her astral projection, and he has in fact spoken to other people about it as well on his podcast. He even shares that the Monroe Institute in Virginia, where he lives, teaches people to astral project. He tells us that the CIA even tried to develop something called The Gateway Experience to teach their agents to astral project as a way to compete with the USSR in the midst of the Cold War.

Will shares some more fun facts about witches and Wiccans and the distinct differences between the two before telling us his pick for his must-listen episode. He recommends his episode from August 18, 2021, titled “Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and How to Leverage it Best.” Will says that his guest for that episode, Benjy Sherer, was so highly knowledgeable on the topic that he was content to let him just speak for the entire episode. The episode covers topics like time, ascension, and dimensions, as well as the gaps between psychology, spirituality, and philosophy.

Dax is desperate to know about the vampyre episode. Will tells us her name is Lady Ann Selene who tells him all about the underground vampyre movement. While she doesn’t drink blood or live in a coffin, she has had many, many first-hand experiences with the supernatural.

Alesha is curious about his time in a Wicca cover, and the similarities between Wicca and Catholicism. Will says it all boils down to ritualistic practices. While their differences are stark, they have similar terminology and practices.

As for podcasts that Will is listening to, he recommends to supernatural fans “The Caravan, Library of Lore.” The show talks about you regular Bigfoots and Sasquatches, but the host also dives into her time as a paranormal investigator.

That’s all from us for today folks! You can hear more of “The Skeptic Metaphysician” down below. Ciao!

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The Skeptic Metaphysician

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The Caravan, Library of Lore Podcast 

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