‘The SNL Network’ host and ‘SNL’ expert Jon Schneider explains why Will Smith should host the show for the first time

Uncategorized April 15, 2022

Saturday Night Live fans rejoice, because this week’s Podsauce episode celebrated some iconic sketches and cast members! “The SNL Network” podcast host Jon Schneider joined Podsauce to dish on his series filled with recaps, hot takes, and roundtable discussions all about SNL.

Jon told Podsauce about his favorite SNL sketch, which celebrities he thinks should host future episodes, and the podcast that inspired him to create his own series. Dax and Alesha also shared their favorite SNL sketches.

SNL has been around for 47 years, and it hits various age demographics. As Jon explained, he wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between the fans and the show itself and realized a podcast would be a great way to do so. Since 2020, “The SNL Network” has covered everything SNL-related with guests like fans, experts, critically-acclaimed journalists, and more. The podcast is gearing up for its third season, and he’s excited that folks from SNL have reached out to him to share they’ve tuned into his series.

On “The SNL Network,” Jon likes to examine things from a “macro perspective” and highlights how SNL provides snapshots of the biggest cultural, social, celebrity, and political movements of our time.

Jon talked about why he loved watching former NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning host SNL in 2007 and why the dancing coach sketch with Will Forte is Jon’s all-time favorite. Dax listened to “The SNL Network” episode about Kim Kardashian’s debut, and Jon gave props to her episode from 2021. For future SNL episodes, Jon hopes stars like Zendaya and Will Smith get chances to host.

“Rob Has a Podcast” inspired Jon to start his own podcast. If you watch reality TV competition shows like Survivor and Big Brother, you might enjoy “Rob Has a Podcast.”

Lastly, Dax recommended his podcast “Hollywood Raw,” a series he co-hosts with Adam Glyn. In a recent episode, they chatted with former SNL cast member Chris Kattan.

Jon Schneider’s Picks

The SNL Network

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Rob Has a Podcast

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Dax’s Recommendation

Hollywood Raw

Hollywood Raw podcast art
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