‘The Trap Nerds Podcast’ hosts discuss the Marvel vs. DC debate in ‘craziest’ interview yet

September 15, 2021

Exavier and Dre from “The Trap Nerds Podcast” recently chilled and raised their glass with Podsauce. In this uproarious episode, Dre and Exavier dished on their fandom-based podcast about all things entertainment, games, culture, anime, and more.

Alesha enjoys how “The Trap Nerds Podcast” represents Black voices. Dre and Exavier spoke about the rise they’re seeing of Black influence in anime. Alesha isn’t “in the bubble” of gaming and fandom, but knows a bit since she listens to “The Read” where Kid Fury and Crissle often discuss anime.

In this episode, the hosts share their picks. Dax’s Odd Pod this week is “A Funny Feeling,” hosted by comedians and paranormal experts Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau. Dax likes the variety the episodes have to offer, and specifically enjoyed hearing a listener-submitted story about a UFO who has followed them their whole life. Comedian and host Betsy has a super-distinctive voice you might recognize from her voiceover work.

Dax’s pick of the week is Slate Podcasts’ “Slow Burn,” and while he explained he doesn’t often deep-dive into politics, he’s captivated by this series. Slow Burn’s season 5 was Podsauce guest Trey Wingo’s pick! Each season recaps one storyline from history.

The Watergate season of “Slow Burn” is hosted by Leon Neyfakh to unpack President Nixon’s scandal and the different characters involved. Dax learned a bunch of insight from this season and enjoys Leon’s narration — the timeline of events, just how shady Nixon was, and the public’s perception. The timeframe from when the Watergate scandal broke to when he resigned took around 2 years. Dax remarks on how similarly Nixon and Trump’s criticism of the press and media were.

Dre and Exavier appeared next, toasted Podsauce with drinks, and discussed “The Trap Nerds Podcast.” Their podcast gets to the heart of important issues, while balancing it out with fun, entertainment news, comic book updates, anime, and gaming. Dre and Exavier disagree with their fellow hosts on the show, and feel that if they agreed with each other all the time, it would be boring.

Dax asked Dre and Exavier if they’re Team Marvel or Team DC, and they weighed their favorites and characters. They shared their love of Batman Beyond, Blue Beetle, and more.

Dax asked Exavier and Dre what their favorite “Trap Nerds Podcast” episode has been so far. And they love Season 2 Episode 10 with comedian Josh Johnson, which they know is truly representative of their content, who they are, and it happens to be their funniest episode filled with superhero improv galore.

Of course, Exavier and Dre are avid podcast listeners. Exavier listens to “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz’s “The Brilliant Idiots,” and “Flagrant 2.” As a huge fan of The Office, Exavier tunes in to “Office Ladies.” Dre recommended the “WhatCulture Gaming Podcast” for updates and loves hearing their British voices.

Tune in to the full episode for more from “The Trap Nerds Podcast’s” hosts.

Odd Pod

A Funny Feeling

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Dax’s Pick

Slow Burn

Slow Burn podcast art
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Dre and Exavier’s Picks

The Brilliant Idiots

Listen to ‘The Brilliant Idiots’

Flagrant 2

Listen to ‘Flagrant 2’

Office Ladies

Listen to ‘Office Ladies’

WhatCulture Gaming

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