Podcast host James Brown unpacks some of the wildest and life-altering experiences from guests on ‘The Unimaginable’

July 27, 2022

Belfast-born musician James Brown hosts “The Unimaginable,” a series sharing unexpected scenarios that changed people’s perspectives. In episodes, James invites guests to share their stories firsthand and explores how these events informed future decisions. Then, the guests unpack stories with James, where many have “been to hell and back – sometimes more than once.”

James relates to his guests and told Podsauce why he wanted to create this podcast. Over the last few years, James lost his daughter and sister and wound up in the hospital himself. He almost died and noticed his personal transformation unfolding over several years, feeling new resilience and hope. James dug into these feelings and wanted to chat with people who shared his sentiments and survived similar events.

In episodes, you might laugh, cry, or feel confused, but you’ll definitely hear stories of life, empathy, acceptance, power, spirituality, resilience, and more. Tune in for traumas, successes, losses, weird situations, or wackiness that caused the guests to feel alone. It’s easy to become isolated after trauma. On the podcast, James gives people a platform to share their stories, heal, feel seen, spread hope, and remind listeners they are not alone.

Dax listened to the first episode titled “11 deaths in 12 months.” Theresa Cropper lost someone almost every month in 2001, and she shared how she copes. She was an attorney that worked with Stevie Wonder, getting Ronald Regan to sign off on Martin Luther King day as a national holiday, and she joined the Black Panthers.

James talked about the Texas shooting through the lens of his own losses and his guests’ stories. On the podcast, James says conversations about loss are different when both people have experienced similar tragedies.

James was thrilled to build community through relatable experiences shared on the podcast. Some of the guests like model/actor Caitriona Balfe (Outlander) were already his friends, and he was happy to form new bonds with additional guests on the series.

Lastly, James shared he listens to podcasts like “Real Ones with Jon Bernthal” and “Senior Superlatives with Greta Titelman.”

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