Tom Hanks was casting’s top choice in the ’90s? Alex Heigl and Jordan Runtagh deep dive into pop culture history on ‘Too Much Information’

July 22, 2022

Alex Heigl and Jordan Runtagh host iHeartPodcasts’ “Too Much Information,” a weekly series deep diving into pop culture history, lesser-known facts, and behind-the-scenes stories about TV shows, movies, music.

The duo met at People Magazine and have strong backgrounds in writing. On the podcast and IRL, the hosts love learning fascinating tidbits and sharing their finds with others who are just as infinitely curious.

Alex and Jordan told Podsauce they never claim to be experts and remind listeners on every episode they’re “two guys with too much free time,” compiling informative “audio listicle” experiences.

Dax listened to their episode on Hook, the classic film starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts. Julia had the reputation of being a nightmare on set, and this episode shared what happened in her personal life prior to filming. She and Kiefer Sutherland had just broken off their engagement. Alesha listened to the Air Force One episode.

The hosts shared how they pick topics to cover in episodes, making full use of Jordan’s superb research skills, Alex’s “elephant memory,” and their respective writing backgrounds. They have a running list of upcoming anniversaries to draw from. In recent episodes, they’re researching “passion projects” or any topic they’re currently interested in like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Jackie Chan.

Alex shared that he loves alternate casting facts in movie trivia. Did you know that Tom Hanks was virtually everyone’s first choice for castings in the 1990s?

Jordan shared how their show came to be teamed up with iHeartPodcasts. He was hired to work on some of their projects years ago and realized he loved researching topics that interested him, which would be his ideal kind of podcast, eventually turning into “Too Much Information.”

Jordan and Alex became dear friends when they met at People Magazine. Jordan shared a funny story that felt like a Beauty and the Beast moment, and the two bonded instantly over pop culture and more! They translate their friendship, fandom, and shared passions to the podcast space.

Alex shared he’s a huge horror film fan and listens to “The New Flesh” and shouted out host Brett Arnold’s thoroughly-researched episodes. Jordan likes the Hollywood history series, “You Must Remember This.” Alex also recommended the “Dearly Departed Podcast,” trekking through the dark side of Hollywood history.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Too Much Information.”

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