Horror expert Trevor Shand reveals which movie was the first to keep him up at night

October 29, 2021

Boo to you too, Trevor Shand! When the horror lifestyle aficionado and podcaster from “The Boo Crew” and “Bleeders DIEgest” sat down with Dax and Alesha for a chilling conversation, they were in for a fright with laughs along the way. If you watched or listened to Podsauce over the summer, perhaps you heard a snippet of this convo. But this interview was so spook-tacular, we had to share the entire video with y’all this Halloween week.

“The Boo Crew” is a horror and pop culture delight, interviewing a wide range of celebrities from the horror genre and beyond. The Crew chats with folks influenced by horror, and even non-fans who just have some scary stories.

Trevor shared Megan Fox’s story when she appeared on the podcast. Megan explained she is not a fan of horror, yet shared stories of her upbringing in a Pentecostal church where her father would perform exorcisms.

Trevor explained how his love of all things horror is shared by his family, and discussed their extensive home collection of horror film props, costumes, and fantasy film memorabilia. Trevor’s wife, Laura, also appears on “The Boo Crew” and “Bleeders DIEgest.”

Alesha and Dax listened to “The Boo Crew’s” episode with the creator of Saw, and they discussed how filmmakers fuse comedy and horror. Dax watched the first four Saw films and was petrified. Trevor said Nightmare on Elm Street III was the first horror film to freak him out. As an actress, Alesha said she would opt out of working on horror films. Trevor remarked on the layered meanings and societal messages in horror films, giving examples such as Dawn of the Dead and consumerism.

Alesha asked Trevor if The Crew is ever worried when interviewing guests, and Trevor mentioned R.H. Stavis, an author and exorcist, who can spot demonic attachments upon request. Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans is on “The Boo Crew’s” guest wish list. Zak acquires haunted objects, and his haunted house documentary is often discussed on the podcast. FYI: it has a demonic transference disclaimer, and Trevor said he does not plan on watching it anytime soon.

Trevor also expressed his love of Disney and shared what it was like to have one of “The Boo Crew’s” first guests, legendary composer and musician Danny Elfman, over to his house for the interview. Trevor shares the special design of his new Victorian-era recording studio revamped during the pandemic, with bookcase trap doors and electromagnetic technology. Woah!

Of course, Trevor shared his podcast picks including “Prop History” and the horror fiction series, “Bleeders DIEgest.” Podsauce recently spoke with Trevor’s co-collaborator, Spider One, who appears on both “The Boo Crew” and “Bleeders DIEgest.” He also enjoys “Spooked’s” episodes where guests share firsthand paranormal accounts. Trevor recommends “The Perfect Tenant” house possession episode, which was his gateway into the series.

So, perhaps, as per Alesha’s recommendation, break out the sage and tune in for Trevor’s exclusive interview, if you dare.

Trevor Shand’s Picks


Listen to ‘Spooked’

Prop History

Listen to ‘Prop History’

Bleeders DIEgest

Listen to ‘Bleeders DIEgest’

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