Hosts of ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories,’ official companion podcast to the CW series, reveal an important Easter egg to look out for

February 25, 2022

Hosts Danielle Radford and Megan Rosati joined Podsauce to chat about their companion podcast, “Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast,” for The CW series on Netflix by the same name. The horror anthology has developed a cult following with standalone storylines. The podcast’s episodes discuss social themes and cultural issues as seen on the show.

On Podsauce, Danielle and Megan shared how social commentary finds its way into the horror genre. The hosts explored their exciting roster of future podcast guests and were happy to recommend some shows they’re currently streaming.

Megan and Danielle have a “mutual girl crush” on each other and love co-hosting the podcast. As soon as they met, they bonded over writing, horror, and being super fans of the TV show. Megan and Danielle explained how they got involved with the podcast and why they were offered the co-hosting gig. Megan says she can talk about horror and social justice for ages. Danielle loves integrating pop culture in conversations. Danielle broke down the concept of “genre” and the purpose that terms like “horror” serve when classifying creative works that provide allegories for things happening in real life.

Megan described season 2 episode 7, where a high-end nail salon exploits their employees’ body parts to help the rich clientele maintain their youth and beauty. This is a prime example of what viewers can anticipate in terms of social commentary on the TV show.

The hosts explored why their podcast works, including rehearsals and facilitating in-depth conversations with the TV show’s creators, activists, celebrity guests, horror experts, culture critics, and more. A highlight was when one of their guests shared tips on Easter eggs sprinkled in episodes. Spoiler alert – look out for the eyes!

Future “Two Sentence Horror Story” episodes will include Scream directors, the Radio Silence guys, and more. Megan shared an anecdote of scoring tickets to the Scream premiere from a generous friend.

Lastly, Danielle and Megan told Alesha and Dax about their podcast picks. Danielle is currently streaming “Bodega Boys” and “The Read.” Additional picks include “Dirty John,” “My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark,” and “The Dropout.” Megan loves “Maintenance Phase” and “Every Outfit.”

Danielle Radford and Megan Rosati’s Picks

Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast

Two Sentence Horror Stories podcast art
Listen to ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast’

Bodega Boys

Listen to ‘Bodega Boys’

The Read

The Read podcast art
Listen to ‘The Read’

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

My Favorite Murder podcast art
Listen to ‘My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’

The Dropout

The Dropout podcast art
Listen to ‘The Dropout’

Dirty John

Dirty John podcast art
Listen to ‘Dirty John’

Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase podcast art
Listen to ‘Maintenance Phase’

Every Outfit

Listen to ‘Every Outfit’

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