Taylor Swift or Harry Styles? ‘We Have Notes with Abby Gardner’ host is forced to make the ultimate fandom decision

June 3, 2022

“We Have Notes with Abby Gardner” is a safe space for the pop culture-obsessed. Abby joined Podsauce to share how her podcast celebrates her passions in conversations about faves like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Station Eleven, and more.

Abby loves the podcast’s conversational format that originally started as a newsletter. During the pandemic, Abby launched her podcast to connect with friends and guests to dish on all things entertainment, covering music, TV, film, and more. Abby told Alesha and Dax that “We Have Notes” feels like going to brunch with friends and letting the conversation roll.

Each episode, she’ll recap news from the previous week and bring on guests who share her enthusiasm for pop culture. They’ll share opinions, dig deep into topics, and contextualize them. Abby said she’s a Gen X-er who loves discussing how the ‘90s connect to today.

Abby worked in media for years, and her friends from the industry were glad to join episodes, translating some of their text conversations to the audio space. In addition to chatting with friends, some of her favorite guests have included a producer from Station Eleven and actor/writer/producer Robinne Lee (The Idea of You, among other projects).

Abby gushed about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. She’s equally into their music and fandom. Dax and Alesha asked who she’d pick if she could only choose one, and it was the ultimate toss-up! You’ll have to tune in to see who she decides and why.

Then, Abby shared her favorite podcasts including “Who? Weekly,” “The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael,” and “Bitch Sesh.”

This week’s Done in a Day pick is the 5-episode true crime podcast, “Boys Like Me.” It tells the story of a Toronto man who drove a van into a sidewalk, killed 11 people, and injured many in 2018. This series talks to one of the perpetrator’s childhood friends. They met in special needs classes and both felt like outcasts. This series examines how two men who started in similar circumstances ended up so differently.

Alesha shared the second season of “Lost Hills” for this episode’s Murder Most Foul true crime pick. It investigates a woman and her son’s drowning. The woman’s husband was arrested for murder, yet people claim he’s innocent. All episodes are now streaming.

Abby Gardner’s Picks

We Have Notes

Listen to ‘We Have Notes with Abby Gardner’

Who? Weekly

Who? Weekly podcast art
Listen to ‘Who? Weekly’

The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael

The Deep Dive podcast art
Listen to ‘The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael’

Bitch Sesh

Bitch Sesh podcast art
Listen to ‘Bitch Sesh’

Done in a Day

Boys Like Me

Boys Like Me podcast art
Listen to ‘Boys Like Me’

Murder Most Foul

Lost Hills

Lost Hills podcast art
Listen to ‘Lost Hills’

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