‘You Better You Bet’ hosts dive into the future of sports betting and what’s getting them through the pandemic

November 24, 2021

Audacy’s “You Better You Bet” hosts Ken Barkley and Nick Kostos chatted with Podsauce, and we’re releasing the extended interview this week since they were such amazing guests. In this video, Nick and Ken go into great detail about crafting the ultimate sports betting podcast, “You Better You Bet,” while being authentically themselves.

“You Better You Bet” pioneers in the genre of “wagertainment,” combining smart analyses and entertainment with humor throughout episodes. Since 2019, the podcast has exponentially grown, and they’re appreciative to have turned their hobby into a successful endeavor by “betting on themselves” and having faith in their dreams. As early as 7th grade, Nick wanted to be a sportscaster. Their dreams came to fruition with this podcast.

Nick and Ken have released over 2,000 episodes, and the average run time is 15 minutes long. Episodes are standalone, so you can check out the most recent ones for starters.

“You Better You Bet” caters to sports bettors and casual sports fans alike, so if you’re looking for commentary, Nick and Ken have you covered. The hosts talked about how their dynamic works well because they share candid takes on sports and life updates. Of the duo, Nick considers Ken a sports betting expert which started as a side hustle while he did TV work at ESPN.

Sports betting is getting more popular in recent years, especially as it becomes legal in more states. So more people are clamoring to tune into “You Better You Bet.” Nick said sports betting is a great way for states to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic, like in Connecticut, where Ken lives.

When sports slowly trickled back after 2020’s lockdown, Nick and Ken mostly covered golf and soccer, since it took a while for major American teams to return. They’re thrilled that all sports are back in action as reflected in their episodes.

Ken shared that sometimes listeners will reach out to the podcast if they placed losing bets. Nick’s advice for new bettors is that everyone loses, and it’s part of the game.

Ken and Nick shared their favorite podcasts. Ken listens to “How I Built This with Guy Raz,” and checks out “Risk of Ruin” for betting advice. Nick listens to fantasy football podcasts such as “Establish the Run.” As a huge pro-wrestling fan, Nick tunes into “Something to Wrestle” and “What Happened When.” Nick is super-interested in Japanese culture, so he learns from “Abroad in Japan.”

Alesha asked if Ken and Nick are true crime fans, but they’re not. Ken shared his wife is an avid “Criminal” listener, and Nick thinks real life is scary enough, so he opts to laugh along with comedy shows.

And that’s a wrap! See you next time!

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