A random act of violence, a murder, and ‘The Letter:’ Amy Donaldson investigates a 1996 shooting

True Crime September 23, 2022
The Letter
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Lemonada Media presents “The Letter,” a true crime podcast investigating a 1996 shooting that killed 1 and affected many people’s lives. In 1996, longtime friends Zachary Snarr and Yvette Rodier traveled to the mountains near their home in Salt Lake City. They intended to photograph the rising full moon. During the trip, they encountered a 19-year-old gun-wielding stranger that changed the course of their lives and many others’ futures that night. This crime rattled the community and continued to send shockwaves with what followed.

Start “The Letter’s” weekly episodes from the beginning to hear all events leading to Zachary and Yvette’s fateful night in the woods and what unfolded after the crime. It’s a compelling story hosted and researched by Amy Donaldson. Bonus episodes explore why we’re still looking at this case 26+ years later, and Amy shares why she investigated this story for 4 years.

The series also explores devastation, grief, and redemption in the wake of tragedy. In another bonus episode, Amy interviewed grief therapist Claire Biswell Smith about how grief, closure, and loss are misunderstood.

Episode 1 details Zach’s final hours. That morning, he helped his father at work, cleaned the kitchen, and even shared a hilarious moment with his sister. The 18-year-old headed to Little Dell Reservoir outside Salt Lake City with Yvette on August 28, 1996 and never returned.

2 police officers and a chaplain delivered the tragic news to Zach’s parents. His mother, Sy Snarr, began finding solace in weekly phone calls. On the podcast, we’ll hear from Zach’s parents, Sy and Ron Snarr, and how they reacted after receiving a letter from the perpetrator and learning more about what happened that night.

In episode 2, Yvette shares her harrowing survival tale after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds while Zach was setting up camera equipment to capture the moon. Yvette inched herself over miles of tough terrain until she found the road and was able to get help. This tragic and disturbing experience did not prevent Yvette from holding hope and taking steps to move forward in her life.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “The Letter,” now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Letter’

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