‘The Last of Us’ fan? Check out these 6 action survival podcasts set in post-apocalyptic worlds

Fiction March 20, 2023

If you’re already missing The Last of Us, we’ve rounded up fictional podcasts you might also enjoy that take place in not-so-distant futures. Get transported to post-apocalyptic worlds, the near end of civilization, and join characters in their struggles to survive as challenging situations ravage fictional planets.

Shows on our list run the gamut of disasters from outbreaks to infections and beastly creatures who roam freely. Check out a sci-fi show by The Walking Dead’s executive producers, “Impact Winter.” We’ve also included “HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast,” the long-running series “We’re Alive,” and “Birds of Empire.”

Scroll through to check out some of our favorite action survival podcasts.

Impact Winter podcast art

Impact Winter

Listen to ‘Impact Winter’

Audible Originals’ “Impact Winter” is by The Walking Dead‘s executive producers and Travis Beacham, writer of Pacific Rim. The apocalyptic story picks up seven years after a comet struck earth, hid the sun, and the world froze over. Beast-like creatures roam freely and residents fear vampires while wondering how long they can possibly survive. In Britain, survivors band together and huddle inside a medieval castle’s fallout shelter. Listeners meet Darcy, a vampire hunter battling on the front lines, and her sister, Hope, sheltering in place. Twelve episodes are now streaming.

HBO's The Last of Us Podcast

HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast

Listen to ‘HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast’

We had to include “HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast,” the series’ companion listen. On the podcast, the series’ co-creators Craig Mazin (who also directed Cherynobl) and Neil Druckmann join host Troy Baker (the actor who played Joel Miller in the video game and he is also in the TV show). All season, the co-hosts unpacked every episode, the decisions they’ve made, the most critical moments, the characters, and their survival story in a world where seemingly everything is trying to kill them.

The White Vault

The White Vault

Listen to ‘The White Vault’

Journey through worldly horrors in “The White Vault” when a repair team’s records to Outpost Fristed in Svalbard are revealed. What’s lurking in the ice? This series is presented by Realm and all six seasons are now streaming.

We're Alive podcast art

We’re Alive

Listen to ‘We’re Alive’

“We’re Alive” follows survivors in Los Angeles after a disaster. The series’ first chapters 1-48 are titled “A Story for Survival,” where the survivors join forces and create a safe space called the Tower. They learn the infected are not the only threat to humanity. The podcast continued with “Lockdown,” “Goldrush,” and the latest season “We’re Alive: Descendants.” Hear how the world is beginning to rebuild itself 18 years after the outbreak in new, biweekly episodes.

The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

Listen to ‘The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga’

Realm’s “The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga” brings listeners to a place fifteen years after the world’s collapse. A brother and sister from rural Maine jumpstarted their journey to save the city from religious crusaders and a military fighting to take over the world. Three seasons are now streaming.

Birds of Empire podcast art

Birds of Empire

Listen to ‘Birds of Empire’

QCODE’s “Birds of Empire” is an eight episode sci-fi series set in New Dakota, 15,000 CE, thousands of years after civilization’s end. Earth’s residents have gone all the way back to prehistoric tribal life and the old world is now known through myths passed down each generation. Humanity just barely survived and humans resemble ancient, past civilizations and are in clans called The Bears, The Rams, The Birds, and The Wolves. Book 1 “The Dawn Age” introduces listeners to four young people from each clan and the series charts out how the first empire of the new world is working. This series is created by Jason Lew.

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