‘HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast’ unpacks the trending action survival series with the show’s co-creators

TV & Film January 19, 2023
Listen to ‘HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast’

If you’re obsessed with HBO’s action survival series, The Last of Us, you’re not alone! Get swept further into the fandom with the official companion podcast releasing weekly episodes. The TV series is based on the video game with the same title and stars Pedro Pascal (Joel Miller) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie Williams). 

The show picks up as a pandemic has overtaken the world and survivors scavenge to kill anyone for food and supplies. The government has instructed the military to kill any possibly-infected humans. Miller experiences his daughter’s death, as she is shot by the U.S. military. In episode 1, viewers learn about the pandemic’s history, Miller’s back story, and how Miller and Williams are brought together through the harsh circumstances as they journey through a post-apocalyptic America.

On the podcast, the series’ co-creators Craig Mazin (who also directed Cherynobl) and Neil Druckmann join host Troy Baker (the actor who played Joel Miller in the video game and will also appear on the TV show). They unpack the TV show’s episodes, the decisions they’ve made, the most critical moments, the characters, and their survival story in a world where seemingly everything is trying to kill them.

The co-hosts will also share behind-the-scenes stories. Stream the podcast from the first episode if you’re listening after watching each of the 9 TV episodes.

It’s fascinating to hear how the creators bring the show to life, adapt the video game, and explore key themes from the series, such as the impact of the video game’s music, and why episode one ended with Depeche Mode’s song, “Never Let Me Down Again.”

HBO has also released companion podcasts for favorites like Succession, Lovecraft Country, Hacks, and Cherynobl.

Tune in weekly on HBO Max for new TV episodes. New companion podcast episodes are also streaming weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast’

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