‘Cover Up: Ministry of Secrets’ investigates war hero Lionel Crabb’s disappearance in the 1950s

True Crime March 19, 2023
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“Cover Up” brings listeners through “a world of subterfuge and secrecy” where the truth is hidden by deceit. This true crime podcast reveals deceptions, abuse of power, and lies. The first season covers a Cold War mystery from the 1950s.

Royal Navy frogman and diver Lionel Crabb was a war hero and international celebrity who James Bond was said be modeled after. But his life, times, and details around his disappearance are still murky. During the Cold War, Crabb went missing, and this fact was just the start of what was hiding underneath the surface. The story involves the CIA, the KGB, the royal family, MI6, and plenty of conspiracies. We’ll learn more about Crabb’s complex life, a possible cover-up, and why the full story cannot be told until 2057.

Host Giles Milton and producer Sarah Peters are investigating Crabb’s story this season. Stream the series from the beginning with new episodes released over the next few weeks. Milton and Peters interview those who knew Crabb and other involved in his case throughout the nine episodes.

Peters and Milton tracked down former diver Commander Julian Malec who was connected to Crabb’s mystery. He shared a secretive tale. Milton and Peters shared what they learned from Crabb’s files at the National Archives. In 2007, Crabb’s oldest friend Sydney Knowles was interviewed and this switched their investigation’s course. The co-hosts wanted to go back to the first days after Crabb was reported missing and spoke with the 90-year-old journalist who broke the story, Peter Marshall.

A Russian fixer, Masha, tracked down a deathbed confession video interview with former KGB diver, Eduard Koltsov, the last person to see Crabb alive right before his secret dive. His revelations are graphic and believable, but was he telling the truth?

Just over a year after Crabb disappeared, a body was found in Chichester Harbour. The co-hosts uncovered an autopsy file and spoke with forensic pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd. Was the corpse Crabb?

Was Crabb’s dive following someone’s orders? The co-hosts explored MI6’s and CIA’s possible involvement. A former spy and royal expert discuss key players in Crabb’s disappearance and why this event is still shrouded secrecy. Who is keeping the truth from getting revealed? A Royal Navy widow shares her surprising side of Crabb’s story on the last episode.

“Cover Up: Ministry of Secrets” is presented by The Binge.

Listen to ‘Cover Up: Ministry of Secrets’

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