Ana Walshe, Alex Murdaugh’s trial, and a catfish con artist: 18 new true crime podcasts to stream during winter’s homestretch

True Crime March 7, 2023

We’ve rounded up some new chilling, true crime podcasts (and new seasons of older favorites) to bring you through winter’s final moments. There are timely shows covering recent cases including Alex Murdaugh‘s murder trial and Ana Walshe‘s disappearance.

There are serialized shows about missing persons, a catfish con artist, cases involving cryonics, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The new series “BINGED” dives into crimes that share common themes ranging from perpetrators’ MOs to killers sharing the same hometown.

Bear Brook podcast art

Bear Brook

Listen to ‘Bear Brook’

This season on NHPR’s “Bear Brook,” reporter/podcast host Jason Moon is telling Jason Carroll’s story – he is serving a life sentence in prison for Sharon Johnson’s murder in 1988. At the time, Johnson was pregnant. Carroll confessed to the crime and was convicted in 1992 for second-degree murder and conspiracy. The only evidence linking Carroll to the crime was his taped confession. Carroll has been incarcerated for over 30 years and still claims he is innocent. This season investigates the truth in addition to “who gets to tell it.”

Stolen Hearts

Listen to ‘Stolen Hearts’

Sergeant Jill Evans had an outstanding reputation at her job, but her love life was less than stellar. She had two divorces, three engagements, and an affair, casting away any prospects until she met Dean, a beauty entrepreneur. Their whirlwind romance took a turn when Dean disappeared on Halloween. Sgt. Evans had to figure out what happened, as shared in Wondery’s “Stolen Hearts.”

The Coldest Case in Laramie podcast art

The Coldest Case in Laramie

Listen to ‘The Coldest Case in Laramie’

Serial‘s “The Coldest Case in Laramie,” hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, Kim Barker. 40 years ago, Barker attended high school in Laramie, Wyoming, the town where Shelli Wiley’s unsolved murder happened in 1985. On the podcast’s eight episodes, Barker is examining “conflicting stories” and the turn the case took when former Laramie police officer, Fred Lamb, was accused of murder.

Who Killed Strawberry?

Listen to ‘Who Killed Strawberry?’

Audacy’s “Who Killed Strawberry” explores how the mayor of Detroit, one of America’s largest towns, was linked by rumors to an exotic dancer’s death. Tamara ‘Strawberry’ Greene’s murder is still unsolved. Episodes start March 9.

Sword and Scale Nightmares podcast art

Sword and Scale Nightmares

Listen to ‘Sword and Scale Nightmares’

“Sword and Scale” host Mike Boudet is sharing terrifying stories for bedtime on this new show. Unlike his other series, this podcast will not include archived audio like 911 calls or investigators‘ interrogations. Boudet’s storytelling chops are on full display in true crime bedtime stories covering real tales from how scary the world can be.

Strangeland podcast art


Listen to ‘Strangeland’

The latest “Strangeland” season investigates a 2017 murder case in Maple Shade, New Jersey. Host/investigative journalist Ben Adair dives into shocking cases from immigrant neighborhoods and is joined by investigative journalist Tinku Ray to examine the what happened when an Indian tech worker, Sasikala Narra, and her six-year-old son, Anish, were found dead inside their apartment.

What Came Next

Listen to ‘What Came Next’

From the creators of “Something Was Wrong‘s” Tiffany Reese and writer, victim advocate, and true crime survivor Amy B. Chesler comes “What Came Next.” Learn survival stories firsthand from guests like Koa Johnson (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City), PJ Masten (Secrets of Playboy), Jacoba Ballard (Our Father), Ron Schnackenberg (Dirty Money), Charlotte Laws (Most Hated Man), Sarah Edmondson (NXIVM), Terra Newell (Dirty John), Collier Landry (A Murder in Mansfield), Elissa Wall (Keep Sweet, Pray, & Obey).

Understand Murdaugh

Understand Murdaugh

Listen to ‘Understand Murdaugh’

“Understand Murdaugh” posts biweekly episodes about the family’s crimes and Alex Murdaugh‘s recent trial, presented by South Carolina’s largest newspaper, The Post and Courier. For more than a year, the newspaper’s journalists have researched the Murdaugh’s crimes, deception, and deaths in Lowcountry.

Death by Fame

Listen to ‘Death by Fame’

Host and criminal defense lawyer Sara Azari unpacks cases involving “Death by Fame,” where stars experience tragedy or scandals that shake their world to the core. Recent episodes covered Brittany Murphy’s tragic death, the Rust shooting, and Glee’s rise and fall. This ID podcast is the companion listen to The Price of Glee and Death of Fame on TV.

Finding Ana

Finding Ana | This Disappearance of Ana Walshe

Listen to ‘Finding Ana | This Disappearance of Ana Walshe’

Ana Walshe was reported missing on January 4, 2023. Her husband, Brian, was charged with murder due to substantial evidence including incriminating internet searches, genetic material, and surveillance footage. True Crime Today’s “Finding Ana | The Disappearance of Ana Walshe” interviews psychologists, investigators, and others to analyze the case.

Frozen Head

Frozen Head

LIsten to ‘Frozen Head’

“Morbid” hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart explore cryonics, true crime, and the story of a “Frozen Head” in this six-episode series. In 2015, 90-year-old biochemist and professor Laurence Pilgeram died and asked to have his body frozen before his death. He hoped to live again in the future with new technology. This scenario threw Pilgeram’s family into a “cryonics soap opera,” filled with feuds and mysteries. Learn Pilgeram’s story and more about others who believe in cryonics on this series.



Listen to ‘BINGED’

“BINGED” examines cases that share similarities in themed episode arcs. From internet killers to realtors who targeted their clients and murderers who were raised in the same neighborhood, this true crime series is a must-listen for true crime fans. Host Payton Moreland’s other podcast is “Murder with My Husband.”

Love, Janessa

Listen to ‘Love, Janessa’

Janessa Brazil is an adult entertainment star whose images are widely stolen on the internet used by scammers. They are used on profiles in hopes of eliciting thousands of dollars from their victims. Journalist Hannah Ajala investigates this catfish, tries to find Janessa, and who is behind these elaborate schemes. The seven-part podcast, “Love, Janessa,” is presented by CBC Podcasts.

Operation: Tradebom

Operation: Tradebom

Listen to ‘Operation: Tradebom’

Apple TV’s “Operation: Tradebom” examines the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in downtown Manhattan. This was the largest explosive device set off in America at this time. Stream all nine episodes from the beginning to hear about the case from investigators and guests with host Marc Smerling.

Zone 7

Zone 7 with Sheryl McCollum

Listen to ‘Zone 7 with Sheryl McCollum’

Host and cold case investigator, Sheryl “Mac” McCollum, serves as the Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute. Dig into McCollum’s cold case files with the podcast’s guests to search for clues for cases including unsolved murders and missing people. This series is presented by iHeartPodcasts and CrimeOnline.

Death x Southwest

Listen to ‘Death x Southwest’

Sisters and best friends dive into some of the grisliest murder stories on “Death x Southwest.” Episodes mix non-fiction narrative storytelling and humor with gruesome details to examine crimes in America’s Southwest.

Beyond Evil Podcast

Listen to ‘Beyond Evil Podcast’

“Beyond Evil” explores true crime’s most unsettling and mysterious cases. Recent episodes shared how Leon Jacob’s past caught up with him, Julie Jensen’s murder, Dennis Woodruff’s disturbing case, and Shayna Hubers’ claims that she killed in self-defense.



Listen to ‘Unforgotten’

Alabama Cold Case Advocacy and the “Unforgotten” podcast spreads awareness for Alabama’s missing, murdered, and uncertain death cases. Learn about these true crimes, the victims, and their families in weekly episodes.

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