‘Stolen Hearts,’ a disappearance, and crimes: Sergeant Jill Evans learned the truth about her boyfriend’s not-so-secret life

True Crime February 8, 2023
Stolen Hearts
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Wales resident, Sergeant Jill Evans, had an excellent professional record as a small town cop. Her love life, she considered less than stellar. Evans was engaged three times, divorced twice, and had one affair, as she believed her taste in men was to blame. Evans’ life forever changed when she met Dean Jenkins, a beauty entrepreneur from London who appeared wealthy.

Wondery’s “Stolen Hearts” is a wicked, five-part true crime rom-com. Stream all episodes from the beginning to hear their unexpected love story, a disappearance, and when things got hectic one Halloween night. On the podcast, host Kerry Godliman speaks with Evans and those involved in the case. “Stolen Hearts” is written by Kim MacAskill.

Evans and Jenkins began dating after they met online. Over time, Jenkins’ history, including several robbery convictions, were revealed. Evans was head-over-heels for Jenkins and became pregnant with his child.

In 2006, Evans had not heard from her boyfriend and started watching TV. She saw a robber was caught and the police shot his partner-in-crime as they attempted to lift from a van in New Romney, Kent. Evans did not realize this would directly impact her personal life. Jenkins’ sister called Evans and informed her that he had been arrested for the robbery.

Hear how Evans’ relationship with Jenkins affected her career, how she was required to resign since her superiors thought she should have tipped off law enforcement sooner, other crimes Jenkins’ gang were connected to, and more details from these unfortunate events. By the podcast’s final episode, hear what happened when Evans confronted Jenkins about his not-so-secret life.

When Evans publicly announced her loyalty to Jenkins, she did not realize that more truths lurked. Investigations revealed that Jenkins’ crime gang stole £339,000+ as career criminals in Kent and Jenkins often served as the getaway driver. They zeroed in on security guards and vehicles bringing money to buildings. The investigation revealed that Jenkins’ dad, David Jenkins, also joined the gang.

Tune into “Stolen Hearts” to learn all about Evans’ story and Jenkins’ case that followed in 2007.

Listen to ‘Stolen Hearts’

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