‘A Tradition of Violence’ investigates the history of deadly deputy gangs

True Crime March 6, 2023
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There has been a long history of allegedly active deputy gangs in the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Journalist Cerise Castle’s series, “A Tradition of Violence,” shares these stories based on her work for Knock LA to reveal the gangs’ terror inflicted on residents for 50 years.

Stream “A Tradition of Violence’s” episodes in any order that run less than an hour on average. To learn more about the origins of one of the first groups from the 1960s, the Little Red Devils comprised of East Los Angeles Sheriff station’s deputies, start the podcast from the very beginning. It has been said that this group’s actions have resulted in illegal detentions, violence, and deaths.

In another episode, learn about The Lynwood Vikings’ terror reign in Los Angeles and the deputies who fought against their cruelty. The 1990s saw The Grim Reapers, a gang that started at the LA County Sheriff’s station in Lennox.

Alex Villanueva led Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and self-identified as a progressive democrat. His administration denied the presence of deputy gangs, and it was alleged he worked around subpoenas, among other claims. Castle discussed the administration, possible corruption, misconduct, and chatter around these topics.

Los Angeles County jail violence from the 3000 and 2000 Boys deputy gangs continued until incarcerated people took a stand and brought down the sheriff. Some of the deputies affiliated with the 3000 Boys at Men’s Central Jail went to Compton and created a new gang that has gained public attention.

East Los Angeles Sheriff’s station also has a long history of deputy gangs, and today, the station is dominated by Banditos. The members’ alleged activities include bringing dead rats to enemies and killing teenagers. While deputy gang members continue their brutality, the LA County Sheriff’s Department has been behind severe injuries, unlawful arrests, and tragedies.

Another episode dives into the popularity of police-based shows and how they are portrayed on camera. Castle examines what happens when police agencies work with producers, writers, and executives to highlight their best sides.

Tune in weekly for new investigative episodes of “A Tradition of Violence” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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