Stop doomscrolling and find ‘The Antidote’: hosts Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards chat with Tracee Ellis Ross and more

Society & Culture April 7, 2022
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“The Antidote” acknowledges that “the world is a dumpster fire” and wants to help with wholesome, uplifting content every week. This series is hosted by 2 best friends and TV writers/producers Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards. They enjoyed being each others’ work wives on HBO’s Insecure and have lots to discuss in upcoming episodes. Guests join Amy and Grace to share things and activities that bring them joy, culture that’s making them happy, and coping strategies for staying sane in these wacky times.

With their background in comedy, Amy and Grace will shed light with positive, casual, and edgy conversations “in response to the madness in the news.” They’ll cover politics, pop culture, opinions, trends like the “trauma of low rise jeans coming back,” and more.

Stream the series in any order, with the average episode under 45 minutes. Along with fun guest chats, episodes share advice, self-care tips, and feature segments like “bummer news of the week” and “creative tap-ins.”

We’re definitely tuning in for upcoming episodes with comedians and actresses Nicole Byer and Ilana Glazer.

Tracee Ellis Ross stopped by the first episode to chat about acting, positive self-talk, belly rubs, plant care routines, and more. Amy and Grace also recapped some bummer news of the week. They talked about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination, Texas Republicans removing kids’ books from classrooms, and how platform shoes are making a comeback. The hosts’ antidotes for this week included hiking, parks, and flowers.

In addition to Insecure, Amy recently directed the short, award-winning film Honeymoon. Grace created and produced Daria’s spin-off series, Jodie. She has also written for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mr. Mayor, Kevin Can F**k Himself, Dollface, and Loosely Exactly Nicole.

The hosts hope “The Antidote” becomes a lovely resource for “doomscrolling and surviving together,” brought to you by American Public Media. Tune in for new, weekly episodes on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

Listen to ‘The Antidote’

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