7 ASMR podcasts that will send tingles down your spine

round up December 23, 2021

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has been picking up steam in the past few years. ASMR Youtubers are seeing incredible success, many with millions and millions of followers. And thus, ASMR podcasts are on the rise!

So, we have gathered a list of great ASMR podcasts that are designed to envelope you in their soundscapes and lull you into a relaxed, stress-free state. Whether you’re looking for whispered ASMR, the sound of rain, or even the most specific of ASMR triggers, check out this varied list of ASMR podcasts.

The Office ASMR podcast on ASMR podcasts list

The Office ASMR – A Podcast To Sleep To

Listen to ‘The Office ASMR’

Look, it works. “The Office ASMR” is exactly what you think it is: a whispered description of every episode of The Office. With over 100 episodes, “The Office ASMR” is in the midst of the sixth season of the show, so we’ve still got plenty more episodes to go if you’re really determined to listen to all of them. Episodes are about as long as The Office episodes themselves, so around 25 minutes. The host’s voice is calm and relaxed, really soothing you to sleep to the sound of Michael Scott’s utter disdain for Toby.

ASMR Rain Recordings podcast on ASMR podcasts list

ASMR Rain Recordings

Listen to ‘ASMR Rain Recordings’

If whisper ASMR isn’t your thing, maybe rain sounds are. While it does include some whispering, “ASMR Rain Recordings” also includes gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, and general ambiance to lull you to sleep in this immersive ASMR podcast. Episodes are typically about an hour long, perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep.

The ASMR Garden podcast on ASMR podcasts list

The ASMR Garden

Listen to ‘The ASMR Garden’

“The ASMR Garden” is designed to relax, calm, and put listeners into a stress-free state. With a variety of different sounds and triggers, our host Meli is sharing her favorite ASMR sounds that have helped her relax. She reads stories, rambles calmly, and uses trinkets to create soundscapes to fall into.

bluemind ASMR

Listen to ‘bluemind ASMR’

One of the most popular and unique ASMR podcasts, “bluemind ASMR,” uses a wide variety of unique sounds to create soundscapes that will lull you into a relaxed state. There’s plenty of no-talking ASMR compilations, sci-fi and fantasy stories, spa visits, whispered and soft-spoken rambles, affirmations, and meditations. 

Premium ASMR

Listen to ‘Premium ASMR’

“Premium ASMR” has over 700 hour-long episodes of literally any ASMR triggers you can think of. From crinkling paper bags to eating peanut M&M’s, there’s plenty to pick from on this ASMR podcast.

Sleep and Relax ASMR

Listen to ‘Sleep and Relax ASMR’

Another great ASMR podcast with a wide variety of triggers, “Sleep and Relax ASMR” posts 30-minute episodes every week. They’ve got the sounds of typing, sounds of rushing streams and waterfalls, and even someone softly critiquing the work of Pablo Picasso. It’s high-quality audio content that’s been helping people relax and sleep for years.

Get Sleepy: Sleep Meditation and Stories

Listen to ‘Get Sleepy’

And to wrap it all up, if you’re looking for something that’s just bedtime stories designed to put you into a deep sleep, then “Get Sleepy” is your podcast. Using a combination of meditation and ASMR voice triggers, this ASMR podcast will have you drifting off to dreamland in no time.


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