‘Ben Greenfield Fitness’ dives into biohacking, health, fitness, and more

Health & Fitness December 15, 2021
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Since 2008, “Ben Greenfield Fitness” has been sharing info on health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, and more in weekly episodes. Listeners will hear interviews with different guests and experts, sharing tips and research on optimal health. Ben’s episodes address the body, mind, and spirit, and also explore tools for spiritual fitness.

This series has released over 1,000 episodes and the average episode runs 90 minutes long. Start “Ben Greenfield Fitness” in any order.

As a lifelong athlete and Ironman champ, Ben shares from his personal experiences. A recent episode of “Ben Greenfield Fitness” explained kava root and what it does for the body for stress relief. He explored gluten free and keto diets, plant medicines, microdosing psychedelics, and a new energy drink formula that might rock the entire industry. Ben often talks about anti-aging and longevity, and optimizing the body and mind. There are a bunch of episodes on boosting immunity and COVID-19.

In exercise-based episodes, hear about topics like how you can reap the benefits of a 45-minute run in 9 minutes. Nutrition episodes share research and recommend superfoods like sprouts, microgreens, shoots, and more. Ben’s Q&A episodes are diverse. You’ll hear what the healthiest chocolate is, the nutritional value of eggs, the worst food for cancer risk, carb cravings, what to eat before workouts, metabolic slow downs, protein powders, and more.

Ben is a best-selling author who has released over 17 books. In November, he discussed writing and chatted with fellow podcaster and author Ryan Holiday from “The Daily Stoic Podcast” about how to be more productive and read more books. Jay Shetty joined Ben in October to share lessons from his time as a monk and discussed confidence, facing fears, and overcoming negativity. You might also want to check out Jay’s podcast, “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” for additional info.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes of “Ben Greenfield Fitness” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘Ben Greenfield Fitness’

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