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TV & Film July 30, 2021
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You’ve met Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, right? At the very least, you’ve seen them on TV. The Office co-stars are best friends, coworkers, and co-podcast hosts. Now, their award-winning podcast from Earwolf about the award-winning show is sweeping the podcast charts. The “Office Ladies” are rewatching The Office one episode at a time, and they want you to join them.

With uber-talented guests who made The Office the television giant that it is, you won’t miss a single detail. You’ll be in the middle of a conversation between two best friends fangirling over their favorite television show. Angela and Jenna want you to feel like you were there with them while filming, so you will be getting all of the behind-the-scenes action that you didn’t even know happened.

Here is our round-up of the best episodes of “Office Ladies”:

Dinner Party

Listen to Dinner Party on ‘Office Ladies’

It’s not surprising that the “Office Ladies” Dinner Party episode consistently ranks as one of their best. “Dinner Party” is always one of the best episodes of The Office and with so many iconic scenes, it’s difficult to think of just one stand-out. For such an infamous and cringe-y episode, Angela and Jenna managed to get all of the dinner party guests – Steve Carell, Melora Hardin, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Beth Grant and director Paul Feig – to review it. So, snip snap snip snap, get listening to the Dinner Party episode of “Office Ladies”.

Fun Run Pt 1

Listen to Fun Run Pt 1 on ‘Office Ladies’

Who can forget Fun Run Pt 1? Certainly not the “Office Ladies” guest, Kate Flannery. In fact, she did all of her own stunts, which includes the opening scene of this fourth season of The Office with Meredith getting hit by Michael’s car. Jenna and Angela talk about one of the more pivotal episodes of The Office, from the evolution of Pam’s hair and wardrobe to the death/murder of Sprinkles the cat.

The Merger

Listen to The Merger on ‘Office Ladies’

A fan favorite, The Merger episode of The Office finally introduces the Stamford and Scranton Dunder Mifflin branches. Angela and Jenna reach out to director Ken Whittingham and writer Brent Forrester for insights on this popular episode. From the homemade sexy sweater, to Andy and Dwight instantly feuding, to Jim and Pam reuniting, this episode has it all.

Casino Night w/ John Krasinski

Listen to Casino Night w/ John Krasinski on ‘Office Ladies’

Is anyone shocked that the episode with John Krasinski is on this list? He and Jenna have just as much chemistry off-screen as they do on, making this episode of “Office Ladies” incredible. The “Casino Night” episode was written by Steve Carell, so we get the details on how he thought up this episode. We also get hilarious insight on Angela’s slapping scene with Dwight, and we find out where the teapot ended up.

Booze Cruise w/ Greg Daniels

Listen to Booze Cruise w/ Greg Daniels on ‘Office Ladies’

Angela and Jenna invite developer, executive producer and writer of The Office, Greg Daniels, on the show to give you the most in-depth episode of “Office Ladies” ever. They break down one of the funniest episodes of the show, and Greg even brought notecards. They also talk creating the U.S. version of The Office from the U.K. original. This episode is so jam-packed, you won’t have to time to abandon ship into Lake Wallenpaupack.

Email Surveillance w/ Ken Jeong

Listen to Email Surveillance w/ Ken Jeong on ‘Office Ladies’

In this episode, the ladies are joined by a member of Michael Scott’s improv group and an “Office Ladies” superfan, Ken Jeong! Ken talks about his memories from being on set and just how much he loves The Office. This episode is the start of Dwight and Angela’s series-long courtship, and the real Angela has lots to say about it. Jenna and Angela discuss Pam in Jim’s bedroom and the incredible karaoke scenes we are gifted in “Email Surveillance.”

Fun Run Pt 2

Listen to Fun Run Pt 2 on ‘Office Ladies’

It was crucial that we finish the Fun Run, otherwise all of that fettuccine alfredo would be for nothing! This episode truly has it all: rabies quilts, nipple chafing, carbo-loading, and vengeance for Sprinkles. Jenna tells us why this opening episode of season 4 was a whole hour, and wardrobe designer Carey Bennet breaks down all of the Fun Run outfits. This episode of The Office is perhaps the most revealing of everyone’s character, from those who truly ran the race, to those who walked, to those who got a cab. So tune in for all of the juicy details.

The Pilot

Listen to The Pilot on ‘Office Ladies’

We had to throw it all the way back to the start! Jenna and Angela actually managed to pull some insights from Ricky Gervais on his vision for the U.S. version. I mean, he wrote the episode. But, he informs Jenna of the little glimmers of heart in the show. The ladies inform us of all of the hidden secret messages from The Pilot episode, the origin of Angela’s cat party, and all of their behind-the-scenes, first-season jitters. Despite both being in the show from the start, both Jenna and Angela are huge fans of The Office, and this episode truly encapsulates their excitement.

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