Curses, rituals, and sports superstitions: learn more with podcast episodes knocking it out of the park on Friday the 13th

Sports January 13, 2023

Superstitions are observed by players and fans, where intrigue meets skepticism as they watch events unfold and decide what they want to believe. And the sports world has notoriously discussed and acknowledged such belief systems including pre-game rituals, stories involving curses, mid-game activities, and lore.

We’ve gathered podcast episodes about widely-recognized sports superstitions around the world. On our list, there are conversations about The Curse of the Colonel, The Curse Of The Billy Goat, The Curse of the Bambino, and measures fans have taken to reverse curses like burning contracts inside ballparks and bringing goats to games. For more comedic takes on practices and paranormal experiences in sports, check out an episode of “This Paranormal Life.” There’s also a chat with author David White all about his book, Superstitionism – The Psychology of Sport

History Go Time

History Go Time

Listen to ‘The Curse of the Colonel’ on ‘History Go Time’

In “History Go Time,” comedian and history enthusiast Damian Smith shares his favorite historical anecdotes. This episode runs the gamut of baseball superstitions from paranormal curses to “The Curse of the Bambino” to “The Curse of the Colonel.”

Do Go On podcast art

Do Go On

Listen to ‘The Curse of the Billy Goat’ on ‘Do Go On’

One of Major League Baseball’s curses has impacted The Chicago Cubs for decades, and it involves a goat owner, a black cat, and the Steve Bartman incident. Learn more about The Curse Of The Billy Goat in this episode of “Do Go On.”

This Paranormal Life

This Paranormal Life

Listen to ‘The Paranormal CURSE that Haunted an Entire Baseball Team’ on ‘This Paranormal Life’

Comedians Rory Powers and Kit Grier dive into sports superstitions on “This Paranormal Life” episode. From intentionally digging up dead bodies to sacrificing goats, tune in for an episode dedicated to paranormal experiences and practices in the world of sports.

Ohio Mysteries

Ohio Mysteries

Listen to ‘The Curse of Rocky Colavito’ on ‘Ohio Mysteries’

The Cleveland Indians traded one of the most popular players in 1960, slugger Rocky Colavito. Since then, the team has not won any world series in 73 years. Fans and sports writers believe that this trade caused a curse. Learn all about The Curse of Rocky Colavito in this “Ohio Mysteries” episode.

Two Strike Noise

Two Strike Noise

Listen to ‘Superstitions’ on ‘Two Strike Noise’

On this episode of “Two Strike Noise,” hosts Mark and Jeff dive into some of the strangest superstitions players have interacted with. Some happen on the field mid-game, while others occur before the games begin. Learn about one team playing a joke on Wade Boggs’ pre-game ritual, and if it worked. They also chat about Roger Clemens’ activity with the IcyHot.

The Sport Psych Show

Listen to ‘#36 David White – Superstitions in Sport: What’s Luck got to do with it?’ on ‘The Sport Psych Show’

David White joined this episode of “The Sport Psych Show.” He is a public speaker, national learning facilitator, consultant, and performance coach who authored the book, Superstitionism – The Psychology of Sport. This book explores how superstition impacts athletes in all sports around the world. This conversation superstitions as belief systems, why athletes have them, the law of attraction, luck vs chance, and self-talk.

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