University of Idaho Murders, Ana Walshe’s case and other topical true crime podcasts

True Crime January 24, 2023

We’ve gathered some of the best podcasts covering breaking news and topical true crimes. There are shows taking daily dives into shocking crimes, case updates, and high-profile stories. Many podcasts on our list examine Alex Murdaugh‘s murder trial, the University of Idaho Murders, and Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter charges.

Tune into investigative shows covering Ana Walshe’s disappearance, an essential true crime series, and a podcast hosted by former NYPD officers. Another podcast shares how authorities infiltrated a militia group in Kansas with firsthand accounts from the FBI informant.

Finding Ana | This Disappearance of Ana Walshe

Listen to ‘Finding Ana | This Disappearance of Ana Walshe’

True Crime Today presents the story of a missing mother, “Finding Ana | The Disappearance of Ana Walshe.” The podcast interviews psychologists, investigators, and others to share Walshe’s story and find answers. Episodes share information about Brian Walshe, her husband who was charged with the murder.

Truth and Lies: The Informant

Truth and Lies: The Informant

Listen to ‘Truth and Lies: The Informant’

In “Truth and Lies: The Informant,” journalist Dick Lehr explores how the FBI infiltrated a militia group in Kansas and helped stop an attack which could been more devastating than the Oklahoma City bombing. Stream all 5 episodes from the beginning, presented by ABC News.

Dateline podcast art

Dateline NBC

Listen to ‘Dateline NBC’

“Dateline NBC” carries on as a staple in true crime reporting. Check out the podcast’s feed for current and classic episodes, mysteries, documentaries, and investigations.

The Idaho Murders Podcast

University of Idaho Murders Podcast | 4 Killed For What?

Listen to ‘University of Idaho Murders Podcast | 4 Killed For What?’

True Crime Today presents “University of Idaho Murders Podcast: 4 Killed for What?” This series dives into the murder of the 4 college students killed in their sleep, the investigation that followed, and case developments. Episodes share the latest news and more about the suspect Bryan Kohberger.

Police Off The Cuff

Police Off The Cuff: Real Crime Stories

Listen to ‘Police Off The Cuff: Real Crime Stories’

Retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon and Phil Grimaldi cover the latest stories on “Police Off The Cuff/Real Crime Stories.” On Mondays, retired NYPD detective Mark DeMayo and Angel Maysonet’s show posts to the podcast feed and there is an additional “Off the Cuff After Hours” episode every Thursday night at 7PM ET. Check out new, daily episodes.

Murdaugh Murders podcast art

Murdaugh Murders Podcast

Listen to ‘Murdaugh Murders Podcast’

Mandy Matney has been investigating the notorious family’s true crimes on the “Murdaugh Murders Podcast” with additional research since 2019. Now with co-host Liz Farrell, learn more about the crimes, messy investigations, and the justice system. Tune in for thoroughly-researched episodes about the Murdaugh family and Alex Murdaugh’s current trial.

Pretty Lies & Alibis

Pretty Lies & Alibis

Listen to ‘Pretty Lies & Alibis’

“Pretty Lies & Alibis” examines true crimes across America in daily episodes. Recent updates shared what you need to know as Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial moves along, what’s happening in Ana Walshe’s case, and Billy Wagner’s hearing.

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Listen to ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’

“Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” releases daily episodes on the latest crimes. Grace is joined by guests like investigators, psychologists, fellow podcast hosts, and folks involved in the cases.

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