Bo Burnham, Elijah Wood, Ari Aster and more dissect their own films on ‘The A24 Podcast’

TV & Film November 8, 2021
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If you’re a fan of the originators of the Saoirse Ronan/Timothee Chalamet power duo, or you think Ari Aster is the should at least have some sort of crown for becoming the King of Thrillers, or that Uncut Gems probably won’t be topped by any other Adam Sandler production, then this podcast is for you. “The A24 Podcast” is talking to the people behind A24’s productions like Hereditary, Lady Bird, Moonlight, Midsommar, Euphoria, Uncut Gems and more.

Actually, it’s less of an interview podcast than it’s a “let’s sit these two brilliant, talented minds next to each other and have them talk to each other.” And it is brilliant. The conversations are so natural and so insightful on the world of film, culture, coming-of-age, whatever topic is mentioned in the A24 film they were just a part of.

Obviously, the newest A24 release has been the universally adored The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel as Gawain, the nephew of King Arthur. Adapted from the 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the medieval fantasy film follows Gawain on his journey to face The Green Knight. While “The A24 Podcast” has been on hiatus since April, they just released an episode with the director, writer and producer, David Lowery and actor Elijah Wood.

Together, they talk about Holy grail mythology, the fall of Troy, filming in New Zealand like all great fantasy films, horror movies in October and more. And they are not the only ones joining “The A24 Podcast” to chat about their revered film.

On this podcast, you’ll hear conversations between Minari director Lee Isaac Chung and vietnamese author and professor Viet Thanh Nguyen on a variety of topics like the telling of immigrant stories, the impact of Hollywood stereotypes, and the Vietnam War. They, of course, discuss the themes and artistry of the award-winning Minari, from childhood to parenthood all the way to the energy on film sets and if Chung would ever direct a Marvel movie.

Hear from Ari Aster speaking on his breakout horror hit Hereditary or Martin Scorsese and Joanna Hogg on The Irishman. Past and present teenage movie queens Elsie Fisher and Molly Ringwald talk about Eighth Grade, Bo Burnham’s Vine career, Myspace, the Golden State Killer, and coming to age on screen as both of them did.

“The A24 Podcast” has interviews with Bo Burnham, Greta Gerwig, Toni Collette, Sofia Coppola, Fred Armisen, Jonah HIll, Michael Cera and so many more incredible talents. So, what are you waiting for? Need we say more? You’ll get to hear conversations from some of the most brilliant powerhouses in film, independent and otherwise. And with every new A24 release, you can bet that “The A24 Podcast” will be close behind.

Listen to ‘The A24 Podcast’

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