Apple vs Microsoft, Netflix vs HBO, and other big business battles: ‘Business Wars’ outlines behind-the-scenes rivalries

Business January 20, 2023
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Sometimes the biggest battles happen behind boardroom doors. We’re talking about Wondery’s “Business Wars.” Whether it’s social media platforms fighting for your attention or fast food chains claiming their territory, business is war. It’s a battle for money, supremacy, or beating competitors for sport. Host David Brown, who also worked on Wondery’s “WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork,” takes us through these corporate campaigns.

“Business Wars” has released over 400 episodes in 78+ seasons, comprised of six to seven episode-long seasons about one corporate smackdown. While episodes within these series should be listened to in order, the series themselves can be listened to in whatever order you like with all episodes running less than 30 minutes on average.

“Business Wars” started with some true titans: HBO vs Netflix, Nike vs Adidas, Marvel vs DC, and Sotheby’s vs Christie’s. Some of these competitors clearly came out victorious, but as we travel through more corporate conflicts, things get a little hazy.

The podcast’s recent season covers Apple vs Microsoft. Episodes delve into the inventors’ backstories, the technology, internal drama, and what happened when Microsoft was said to have stolen some of Apple’s secrets. Learn about Microsoft getting sued by the government for allegedly violating antitrust laws and how Apple devised its own battle.

In the “Crypto Wars” season, learn about cryptocurrency’s struggles that have endured since BitCoin began as a way for people to sell illegal drugs. From the involvement of Facebook’s Winklevoss twins to Coinbase carving up the crypto scene, hear how cryptocurrency went from an untraceable way to purchase illegal items to one of the hottest investments in the modern world.

“Business Wars” previously looked into Airbnb, and it’s not clear-cut like Blackberry vs iPhone. Instead, it’s Airbnb vs. New York City, the many legal battles they have fought, and the many housing problems that rental apps like Airbnb are causing.

This series is a dramatized retelling of what happened between these competitors. Complete with voice actors reminiscent of radio plays, each season is unique, informative, and entertaining. Tune in for new, semiweekly episodes this winter.

Listen to ‘Business Wars’

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