‘Chat Sh!t: The Official Rap Sh!t Podcast’ dives into rap, Miami culture, and episodes from Issa Rae’s HBO Max series

TV & Film September 9, 2022
Listen to ‘Chat Sh!t: The Official Rap Sh!t Podcast’

HBO Max presents the official after show podcast, “Chat Sh!t: The Official Rap Sh!t Podcast.” Rap Sh!t follows two recently reunited high school friends from Miami. Shawna (a 20-something unknown rapper and hotel reception desk worker) and Mia (a single mom hustling with various jobs) form an unlikely rap group. Their combined efforts might let them find their way out and up in the industry that requires skills, commitment, and unparalleled talent.

On the podcast, hosts Zach Campbell and Jessie Woo explore the newest Rap Sh!t episodes on Thursdays, share their reactions, dole out Miami history, and predict future episodes. Stream the series in order from the beginning if you’re up to speed on all Rap Sh!t episodes. Since July, the podcast has released episodes running less than an hour on average.

The podcast’s first episode dove into Miami’s culture, and the hosts shared their first impressions of all characters. On screen, Mia and Shauna carefully planned a viral moment, and they unpacked it on the podcast. Jessie shared the 305 bass music scene’s history with listeners. 

Jessie and Zach debated trendy rap vs. woke rap on the second podcast episode, and they drew some similarities with Mia, Shauna, and some modern female rap artists. They also looked at situations when you’re asking a friend to set you up for an opportunity that you might not be ready for yet.

Episode 3 discussed the characters Maurice, Lamont, and Duke. They talked about freelancing, Haitian/Creole slang, and shared the history of one of Miami’s “oldest and Blackest” neighborhoods. In another episode, hear about clubbing, club outfits, and the legendary Miami DJ, Sam Sneak.

This comedy series is executive produced by Issa Rae (Insecure). Rap Sh!t stars Aida Osman (Shawna), Kamillion (Mia), Jonica “Blu” Booth (Chastity), RJ Cyler (Lamont), and more.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Chat Sh!t: The Official Rap Sh!t Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite shows. You can catch Rap Sh!t on HBO Max.

Listen to ‘Chat Sh!t: The Official Rap Sh!t Podcast’

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