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Business August 9, 2021
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Robinhood Financial, LLC, develops “Under the Hood,” a podcast about business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Money is always relevant in our world. Curious about investing? Robinhood co-founder and host Vlad Tenev provides open conversations and commentary on the state of the financial world alongside special guests. 

If the world of investing is a race car, this podcast is looking under its hood to check out its inner workings. Vlad wants to motivate people curious about investing and those who want to learn more about the financial world. The show covers transformations involving personal finance and money. It answers questions about how to use the financial system.

What is Robinhood?

Founded in 2013, Robinhood is a company that offers zero-commission stock trading to people who want to invest on their own terms. The company started to help financial markets become more accessible to everyone. Vlad met Robinhood’s co-founder Baiju Bhatt at Stanford University. They went on to found two other companies before Robinhood. They moved to New York and saw that Americans were getting charged commission for each trade while Wall Street’s firms practically paid nothing. Their response to change the system was to head to California and create Robinhood.

What can you find in recent episodes?

In a recent episode of “Under the Hood,” 24kGoldn joins Vlad to speak about his decision to leave the University of Southern California and pursue his dream of music. He shares his experience with investing and finance. 

Other episodes feature people who spend most of their time in the world of finance. Young stock trader Lauren Simmons spoke with Vlad about switching gears in life after majoring in genetics to work at Rosenblatt Securities after graduation. On her first try, she passed the Series 19 equity trader exam. As a result, she worked at the New York Stock Exchange. Lauren is now working on a reality TV show and film about her story. 

Real estate investor and YouTube personality Kevin Paffrath shares his experience in finance. He explains how he started his real estate business at 19 years old with only a few thousand dollars. He got into creating a YouTube channel after posting some videos for his website, and when they seemed to be well-received, he started making more.

The show began in April 2021. New episodes are released on Tuesdays.

Listen to ‘Under the Hood’

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