‘Deck The Hallmark’ watches cheesy Hallmark movies so we don’t have to (even though we’ll still watch them all)

TV & Film December 9, 2021
Deck the Hallmark
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The only thing better than a good Christmas movie is an okay Christmas movie – one that follows the template of Christmas movies past, never veering off the path of a jaded city-person forced back to their small town for Christmas, only to experience holiday romance and learn the true reason for the season. And no one loves a movie like this more than the hosts of “Deck The Hallmark.”

Bran, Panda, and Dan are obsessed with made-for-TV movies, which is why they post an episode of “Deck The Hallmark” every single day of the year. True dedication. With over 540 episodes, so it sounds like we all have some catching up to do. Episodes average at about 50 minutes and feature a variety of hilarious guests to keep the cheer going all year long.

With absolutely none of the cynicism that seems to follow Christmas movies and made-for-TV movies, this podcast is truly laugh-out-loud funny. The trio yell about Hallmark and Lifetime movies as if they’re watching the Super Bowl. And with a never ending stream of Christmas movies pumped out from the also seemingly endless number of streaming platforms, we have a feeling they’ll be filling our days with joy for quite a while.

Whether you are also a dedicated Hallmark Christmas movie watcher, or you’ve been looking for a podcast that will never fail to live up to expectations, “Deck The Hallmark” has fans who are looking for both. One of the men will give their synopsis of the movie while the other two hijack the conversation, point out the inconsistencies that were bound to show up somewhere, and revel in the overdone storylines that are the essence of Christmas movies. Their observations are neither negative nor blithely positive, genuinely putting lots of thought into their reviews.

Also, all you Netflix Christmas movie fans aren’t being left in the dust. Hear their review of the highly anticipated The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, Father Christmas Is Back, and Love Hard. From the movies we’ve heard of to the ones we certainly haven’t, “Deck The Hallmark” is a breath of fresh air in the movie-criticism-podcast genre.

Listen to ‘Deck The Hallmark’

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