Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo chat on CNN’s ‘The Handoff’

News July 29, 2021
Listen to ‘The Handoff’

CNN’s “The Handoff” is a brand-new show hosted by Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. Bringing the same energy and conversational nature of their TV show, the podcast is a continuation of the hosts’ on-air dynamic. On TV, the hosts hand topics off to one another, hence the podcast’s title.

This is an unscripted show between two friends who genuinely enjoy the art of conversation. They speak candidly about the news, hot topics, politics, and aren’t afraid to dive into their personal lives.

Recent episodes explored info on vaccines, the Delta variant, and recent supreme court rulings. The hosts recently expressed the importance of self-care and mental health. Don discussed preparing for his town hall with President Biden.

Don gushed about seeing his entire family for the first time post-COVID. Don’s mom, Katherine Clark, joined the hosts to speak about connecting with others. In another episode, they spoke about the meaning of Juneteenth. A recent episode lively debated billionaires, like Jeff Bezos, heading into space. Listeners learn fun facts such as which host is a Dungeons and Dragons fan.

In addition to “The Handoff,” Don Lemon hosts a solo news commentary podcast, “Don Lemon Tonight.” Chris Cuomo also hosts his own show, “Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo.”

New episodes of “The Handoff” are updated weekly.

Listen to ‘The Handoff’

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