‘Getting Even with Anita Hill’ discusses equality, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation, and more with guests

Society & Culture March 14, 2022
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Pushkin Industries’ new podcast, “Getting Even with Anita Hill,” dives into questions on equality with the iconic feminist, author, professor, and lawyer. Each episode, Hill is joined by trailblazing guests to explore their paths to equality, how they’re impacting the world, proposing reforms, and sharing what progress still needs to be made. In insightful interviews, listeners will hear how Hill and guests empowered themselves, broke the rules, and set precedents for future generations.

If you’re familiar with Hill’s background, start the podcast in any order. Hill was one of the first women to publicly speak out on national television against misconduct with her testimony of sexual harassment at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991. The average episode runs less than 40 minutes long. The podcast just started at the end of February and will release new episodes all season.

Episode 1 covered the most recent Supreme Court confirmation process. Hill spoke with journalist and social critic Marc Lamont Hill about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and the significance of this nomination. They illustrate what this means for the future of justice, representation, and equality in America. This premiere episode also depicts how Hill defines “getting even” and how appointing a Black woman to the Supreme Court could impact the United States.

The following episode spoke with Sukari Hardnett, a witness who was excluded from Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing in 1991. This is the first time Hardnett and Hill are discussing the hearing and Hardnett’s experience of not being called to testify. Hardnett submitted an affidavit explaining the sexual harassment she witnessed while working for Clarence Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 1985 to 1986. She did not work there at the same time as Hill, but she witnessed the same atmosphere. In this episode, Hardnett explains how this situation impacted her life.

Since her testimony, Professor Hill continues to speak up about inequities. She has taught future lawyers and policy makers with her roles in higher education and continues to explore ways to move toward solutions. Racial violence, gender violence, discrimination, and harassment are sadly still happening, and society has a long road of progress ahead.

Tune in for new episodes of “Getting Even with Anita Hill” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Getting Even with Anita Hill’

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