We’ve seen them try everything from baking without a recipe to experiencing labor pains; hear more hilarity from the Try Guys on ‘The TryPod’

Comedy April 20, 2022
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Meet Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. You probably know them as the comedy quartet The Try Guys. You’ve probably seen them do everything from trying a chiropractic adjustment for the first time to wearing women’s underwear to experiencing labor pains.

Since circa-2019, they’ve been trying their hands at podcasting. Along with their producer/”Podcast Gremlin” Miles Bonsignore, they have created “The TryPod” to discuss their experiences as creators, comedians, best friends, and being unafraid to try anything and everything.

If you simply cannot get enough of Ramble’s “The TryPod,” then you’re in luck. There are over 150 episodes of this podcast that are each an hour long and can be streamed in any order you please. Start from episode 1, or work your way back from their most recent ‘sode, it’s truly up to you.

You probably remember The Try Guys from their early years on Buzzfeed from 2014 to 2018 because of their massively viral videos. And if you’ve been wondering where they went, well, they’re right here! While they left Buzzfeed and started their own independent production company, they have continued pumping out content of the four doing sometimes death-defying, but often not-death-defying things, like baking without a recipe and blowing things up.

You can also listen to/watch episodes of “The TryPod” on their YouTube channel, separate from their main channel, called TryPods. On it, you’ll find other podcasts from The Try Guys and Ramble, including Zach’s movie rewatch/review podcast “Guilty Pleasures” and “You Can Sit With Us.”

On “The TryPod,” you may experience any and every combination of The Try Guys along with Miles and frequent guest Rainie Toll. You can hear anything from Eugene talking about being an undateable “Elizabeth Bennett” to an abundance of tall-people-hate from everyone who is not Keith.

You can hear Keith apologizing to Indianapolis-ers while Zach does some sort of echo in the background. Miles recently presented Ned, Keith, and Zach with some potential Next Generation Try Guys, which included the North Omaha Cat Lady, Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio, and Blippi. Of that group, it also included a few of those people coming for the Try Guy brand, which may hurt their chances at becoming one.

Hear about Keith meeting Icelandic superstar/Eurovision representative Daði Freyr and finding out that he ignored Daði’s DM back in 2018. Find out Eugene’s dark secrets, hear about how often they watch videos titled The Downfall of Buzzfeed that always seem to feature Keith’s face as the thumbnail, and how Zach’s childhood cat was born on Robert Durst‘s property because his friends were neighbors with him. Which was a story somehow woven into a discussion about the Try Guys shows’ many Webby nominations.

Whether you’re looking for background noise to fill your days or genuinely entertaining, hilarious content, “The TryPod” is your best bet. They are truly the best of the internet and have been for eight years running.

Keith, Eugene, Zach, Ned, Miles, and Rainie are laugh-out-loud funny and have us looking forward to every Thursday when they release new episodes. Be sure to tune into this intensely delightful podcast as soon as you possibly can.

Listen to ‘The Trypod’

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