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Society & Culture November 1, 2021
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“My Unsung Hero” is an uplifting series, giving listeners a break from the world’s chaos to inspire with heartfelt stories of unconventional heroes. You’ll hear about random acts of kindness, courage, and lending support from everyday people. In a world where stories of suffering are front-page news, Hidden Brain‘s “My Unsung Hero” is offering listeners positive tales to help restore our faith in humanity.

Many of these storytellers were saved in desperate times by people who sprung into action without looking for anything in return. In fact, the helpers and heroes in these stories went about their merry way without introducing themselves after the good deed was done. This podcast is the aural equivalent of a thank you card, giving the recipients of kindness an opportunity to share their stories and inspire others to be kind.

On the podcast, we’ll hear from an assortment of people. In an episode, Lesia Day shared a story from 2017 before her mom passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. One Sunday, when her mom did not show up for their regularly scheduled visit, she got lost, and accidentally drove out of state. A stranger helped her mom find her way back home.

You’ll hear from Adrianne Drazin’s overseas flight with her family. Her husband had to work, so she flew with her newborn baby, two kids, and tons of bags. As her family was deplaning, and they made their way down the long hallway to the baggage claim, they noticed another family lingering nearby. The family offered to help her family get to the baggage carousel. Adrianne realized that she would not have been able to get off of the plane without this family’s help.

Terri Powers met a hero a few days after her mom’s death. When Terri was at the checkout line in her local grocery store, she had an unexpected interaction that made her day and helped her grief. Listeners hear from Rick Mangnall, who had a severe car accident in 2008.

Jackie Briggs was spotted at a conference, then realized something was wrong. She was encouraged to see a doctor right away due to a nurse warning her about a dangerous mark on her arm. It is possible Jackie would not have been alive today if she was not encouraged to receive treatment.

Listeners are invited to submit their stories on Hidden Brain’s website to be featured on a future episode of “My Unsung Hero.” New episodes are updated weekly.

Listen to ‘My Unsung Hero’

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