Britney Spears, R. Kelly, and more: ‘Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams’ is a lawyer’s take on high-profile cases

News February 21, 2023
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“Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams” focuses on the latest news and cases from the headlines. Williams, an attorney, is joined by cultural observer Dustin Ross to report on the law, provide legal analysis, and thoroughly break down cases for listeners. Nearly all cases explored in episodes are high-profile, such as Kelly Clarkson’s divorce, DMX’s nonexistent estate plan, and R. Kelly’s trial.

Recent episodes covered “double dipping in the entertainment business,” Ron Desantis, Cardi B’s community service extension, Bruce’s Beach, and Damar Hamlin’s recovery. Start the series from the most recent release to hear analysis on more recent cases.

Williams spoke about Tory Lanez’s violation of Megan Thee Stallion’s protective order against him last year. In the allegation, Megan was shot twice in the foot by Lanez, he pled not guilty, and was reportedly released on a $190k bond. A restraining order was put in place for Lanez to stay at least 100 yards away. Williams spoke about the pre-trial release conditions refer to, how these work post-trial, and beyond.

Williams previously discussed pre-trial terms in cases – your ability to stay out of jail before trial is conditional. If you violate your pre-trial release terms, you return to court, and the judge might not grant you any leeway. Tory returned to court and faced 1 felony count each for assault with a semi-automatic firearm, personal use of a firearm, and carrying an unregistered firearm in a vehicle. Williams analyzed his trial in January 2023 after he was found guilty.

When Williams was working as a defense attorney, she would do everything in her power to get the best possible outcome for clients. Williams’ advice for everyone is to follow the judge’s orders if you’re trying to stay out of jail.

Williams also appeared on a previous season of Real Housewives of New York. Tune into Iterval Presents’ “Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams” to learn more about cases on weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams’

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