How do our brains control our health? ‘Huberman Lab’ unpacks questions about neuroscience

Science August 18, 2021
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Dr. Andrew Huberman presents “The Huberman Lab Podcast,” a show about neuroscience. The episodes examine how the brain links to the rest of the body and regulates awareness, behavior, and health. As a professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, Dr. Huberman’s lab studies neuroplasticity and neural regeneration. His lab also analyzes brain states such as focus, fear, optimal performance, and stress. On the podcast, which is separate from his roles at Stanford, Dr. Huberman devotes each month to a specific scientific theme.

Science-based tools and protocols are presented to listeners to fine-tune one’s nervous system, biology, and psychology. Advantages and disadvantages are expressed when applying the scientific tools to life. Example modalities include behavioral tools, nutrition, supplementation, and devices to monitor your nervous system.

Recent episodes discussed vision, balance, hearing, and tips to learn information faster. Topics like the vestibular system are explained and how it interacts with the rest of the body. Other episodes discussed sleep, mood, nutrition, and building endurance in the brain & body. Listeners will learn tips like delaying caffeine consumption until 90-120 minutes after waking, how white noise enhances learning, and tools to help the mind.

Dr. Huberman references peer-reviewed literature when explaining topics. In addition, Dr. Huberman is often joined by fellow medical and research professionals, such as MIT’s Lex Fridman, PhD, who works on artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. His bulldog keeps him company when recording, so you might hear his dog occasionally snoring in the background.

Dr. Huberman encourages listeners to actively participate in the podcast by commenting and submitting suggestions for future episodes. Moreover, Dr. Huberman uploads video versions of the podcast to his YouTube channel.

Listen to ‘Huberman Lab’

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