Retired FBI agent Jerri Williams debriefs with former colleagues and more on ‘FBI Retired Case File Review’

True Crime August 13, 2022
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Author and retired FBI agent Jerri Williams reviews case files in conversations with retired agents, former co-workers, and insiders about the cases they’ve worked on. Episodes will also detail high-profile cases, other known FBI investigations, and how the Bureau is represented on screen and in books.

Since 2016, “FBI Retired Case File Review” has released over 270 episodes to stream in any order. The average episode runs less than 90 minutes each with new, biweekly releases.

2 recent episodes celebrated the 50th anniversary of female FBI agents. Jerri was joined by previous podcast guests like Lauren Anderson, Judy Tyler, Gina Davis, Katherine Schweit, Jane Mason, Masayo Halpin, and more for a panel discussion. They also shared historical and personal accounts from FBI Director Hoover’s rejections to the Bureau eventually accepting women agents.

In another episode, former Safe Street Taskforce (SSTF) officer Joseph W. Nicholson and retired agent Jerome Lorrain (who worked in the FBI for 30 years) examined a kidnapping and murder investigation from 2001.

Thomas Earl Beasley, III was kidnapped and beaten to death by David Cannon after meeting at the Miss-A-Bama Saloon. Allegedly, Cannon was angered after Beasley made a pass at him, and Beasley’s body was found floating in an Alabama pond. The SSTF investigated the case and recorded a convo with an informant and Cannon. Lorrain and Nicholson performed forensic exams to prosecute and resolve the case.

Other recent episodes paid tribute to special agents killed inside Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Headquarters building in 1994, discussed the FBI Medals Program and 2 shooting incidents with retired agent Craig Arnold, reviewed the 1993 WTC Bombing with retired agent John Anticev, and more. In April, Special Agent Cerena Coughlin, an FBI Applicant Coordinator and recruiter, answered listeners’ questions on SA, Analyst, and more FBI job opportunities.

“FBI Retired Case File Review” is a fascinating insiders’ look at law enforcement and case investigations for true crime fans. Tune in biweekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘FBI Retired Case File Review’

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