The first influencer: Katy Perry narrates ‘Elizabeth the First’ podcast celebrating Elizabeth Taylor’s extraordinary life

Celebrity October 13, 2022
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Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was one of the world’s first influencers. In our modern era where social media profiles, likes, and followers amount to cultural capital and influence, Taylor was a pioneer, defined “influence” differently, and harnessed its power. Taylor lived an extraordinary life in and out of the limelight and trail-blazed as an actress, mother, wife, advocate, entrepreneur, and influencer.

Narrated by Katy Perry, start “Elizabeth the First’s” 10 episodes from the beginning to hear her life’s twists and turns – from her early ambitious days to starting as a child actor in the 1940s, the relationship with her parents, entering the patriarchal Hollywood world, and overcoming an array of challenges. Taylor passed away in 2011.

The podcast will feature stories from Taylor’s inner circle, share audio archives from the House of Taylor, and explore Taylor’s career. She wound her way through male-dominated movie studios and wanted to take full ownership of her career. Suddenly, tragedy hit and threatened to topple everything. Taylor rose above unimaginable loss, changed the studio system, and skyrocketed to stardom – she leveraged her power and influence to score a $1 million paycheck for starring in 1963’s Cleopatra.

We’ll also learn more about Taylor’s life from her love of jewelry to her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, to publicly entering rehab, and using her platform to raise awareness for AIDS and HIV. Taylor’s lasting impact lives on with The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

In the podcast, Perry explains how Taylor influenced her life, business sensibilities, glamour, and more. This series is presented by Imperative Entertainment with House of Taylor and Kitty Purry Productions, produced by Jason Hoch, and written by Stephanie Koff.

To learn more about Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Andersen Brower’s authorized biography Elizabeth Taylor: the Grit & Glamour of an Icon will be released on December 6.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Elizabeth the First” over the next few months.

Listen to ‘Elizabeth the First’

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