Olympic listening guide: Keep up with the 2022 Olympics with these 6 podcasts

Sports February 9, 2022

Figure skating, speed skating, luge, hockey, the biathlon – there’s too many events to list, let alone stay up to date with. Also, with the Winter Olympics taking place in Beijing, those of us in the Western Hemisphere are definitely not watching some of these events live.

So, we’re providing you with a handy listening guide to the 2022 Winter Olympics. These podcasts feature interviews with the athletes we see on screen, provide us with daily news coming out of Beijing, and give us a little bit of history on the Games. Check out these 6 Olympic podcasts below.

The Podium podcast art

The Podium

Listen to ‘The Podium’

Just like during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, NBC’s “The Podium” is back with daily episodes about the Winter Olympic events and athletes. Hear about the biggest events of the day along with the events that didn’t make the primetime screen. Follow all of Team USA’s 224 athletes’ biggest accomplishments, as well as the numerous other record-breakers and fan-favorites from around the world, with “The Podium.”

Torched podcast art


Listen to ‘Torched’

From FilmNation Entertainment, “Torched” is telling the stories of the Olympics’ biggest scandals, controversies, and redemptions. From Ross Rebagliati finding himself in a Japanese jail during the 1998 Nagano Games, to a controversial three seconds in the 1972 Men’s Olympic basketball game between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, “Torched” is sharing these stories. New episodes are released on Tuesdays.

My New Favorite Olympian podcast art

My New Favorite Olympian

Listen to ‘My New Favorite Olympian’

NBC’s “My New Favorite Olympian” is letting us get to know the most inspiring members of Team USA along with the causes and charities they champion. This year, “My New Favorite Olympian” is hosted by the Apollo Ohno, who has been talking with people like Abby Roque – the first Indigenous woman to represent the U.S. in hockey at the Winter Olympics – Timothy LeDuc who is the first non-binary athlete to compete at the Winter Olympics and the first openly gay athlete to win a U.S. national pairs title, and so much more.

On Her Turf podcast art

On Her Turf

Listen to ‘On Her Turf’

Despite the lack of grass and turf at the Winter Olympics, “On Her Turf” is covering all of the women’s sports and events at this year’s Games. Hosts Lindsay Czarniak, Lolo Jones, and MJ Acosta-Ruiz are interviewing the women making waves in Beijing, from snowboarder Maddy Maestro, hockey Olympians Brianna Decker (who sadly just went down with a knee injury in a game and will not be able to play for the rest of the Games) and Megan Keller, and more. They also recently chatted with Lolo Jones about her new podcast “Gold Medal Loser with Lolo Jones.”

Olympic Channel Podcast art

Olympic Channel Podcast

Listen to ‘Olympic Channel Podcast’

Hosted by Ed Knowles, the “Olympic Channel Podcast” is interviewing Olympians on what it takes to succeed in some of the toughest physical and mental tests the planet has to offer. Hear from beloved figure skater Nathan Chen, the short track speed skating Hungarian Liu brothers, world champion ROC figure skater Anna Shcherbakova, and so many more on what it takes to be an Olympian.

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