Inherited evil? ‘Killer Kin’ investigates true crimes where blood is thicker than water and families turn on each other

True Crime January 15, 2023
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ID’s “Killer Kin” examines whether you can inherit evil tendencies from your family members. On each episode with direct audio from ID’s TV shows (including Evil Twins, Evil Kin, Evil Stepmothers, Evil-In-Law, and Blood Relatives), hear true crime cases that “prove blood is always thicker than water.”

Tune in for standalone episodes detailing each crime and the possible motives. Each release is packed with interviews from family members and investigators as they try to unpack what happened. Conversations examine why family members in each case turned on their own and others around them.

This series gets into the rawest, most disturbing, and nitty gritty stories like what happened when twins conspired to kill their father. Why did siblings, who shared a criminal lifestyle, suddenly turn on each other? Why were certain criminal siblings widely called evil twins by the tabloids in the 1990s?

In an episode, hear about identical twins, Sunny and Jeena Han, who were born five minutes apart. The younger twin seemed to live in her older sister’s shadow for decades. When jealousy reached new heights, she ordered a hit on her older sister in the 1990s.

Identical twins Greg and Jeff Henry were inseparable and lived extremely similar lives, even living together in Georgia until one fateful night. In a drunken outburst, one brother shot the other. Did their bond get too close for comfort?

Another case details the lives of identical twins, Robert and Stephen Spahalski and how they wreaked havoc for years upstate New York. From their teenage years, they committed crimes and killed separately until they were imprisoned for murder. This episode examines if family members’ proclivity to violence is genetic or environmental.

Fans of “Mind of a Monster” and “Generation Why” might also enjoy “Killer Kin.” Tune in for new, weekly episodes of wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Killer Kin’

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