Killers lurk in North American parks, and ‘Park Predators’ wants to talk about it

True Crime August 26, 2021
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What happens when killers use nature to shroud their crimes? Audiochuck investigates real instances where this question comes into play in its true crime podcast, “Park Predators.” Hosted by Delia D’Ambra, each episode explores a different story of human predators in North American parks. Be careful of killers who use the wilderness to blend in, lurk around, and commit heinous crimes.

In parks and natural environments, predators can use remote locations and topographies to their advantage. “Park Predators” is currently in its second season. Listeners hear about a military police officer and serial killer with dissociative identity disorder who assaulted and killed teenagers in the Ozarks. A recent episode details a stalker tracking and killing a family that camped in British Columbia. We’ll also wonder what happened in 1976 to a disappearing student in the Smoky Mountains.

In the first season, we learn about a drifter who went on a killing spree spanning national parks in three states. A predator fronting as a photographer persuades women to follow him to the desert in California.

Working in investigative journalism since 2014, Delia loves to study unsolved crimes and cold cases. She also produces for Audiochuck and hosts the new podcast, “Counter Clock.”

New episodes of “Park Predators” are released weekly.

Listen to ‘Park Predators’

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