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News February 3, 2022
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Reuters’ “Angry Planet” is a thorough, in-depth news podcast filled to the brim with fascinating news stories from around the globe. Described as a podcast about conflict on this “Angry Planet” of ours, host Matthew Gault interviews experts on current global events, providing perspective on what is happening around the world.

“Angry Planet” has been releasing weekly episodes since 2015. Every Friday, Gault and guests discuss the biggest global issues of the week, from what’s happening between Ukraine and Russia, the end of the war in Afghanistan, militaries’ massive carbon emissions (and how they cover it up), and much much more. Episodes are typically just 40 minutes long and delve into topics you didn’t expect to find so interesting.

Gault’s reporting is specialized on conflict and culture, and his works have been published by Vice, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and, of course, Reuters. Previously named “War College,” “Angry Planet” is rigorously intellectual, with Gault asking guests the exact questions we are also wondering about the answers to. This podcast separates itself from others like it with its unique topics and guests, along with fascinating analysis on a wide range of subjects.

“Angry Planet” is talking about the political and global news stories that other news podcasts aren’t. In a recent episode, he dives into the Ukraine-Russia conflict, noting how Western media doesn’t seem to be asking Russians what they think of the situation. And obviously, that’s another layer of complications within itself. So he invites journalist and author Peter Pomerantsev, a returning guest of “Angry Planet,” to talk about Putin’s motivations, psychoanalyze Putin and Russian society, and look at the propaganda of both Russia and the United States.

Pomerantsev recently had his article What the West Will Never Understand About Putin’s Ukraine Obsession published in Time Magazine and released a book called This Is Not Propaganda. He gets into the strange world of Fox News, diving into the angry all-male family home it seemed to be with past host Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and now Tucker Carlson. Pomerantsev makes intensely interesting observations on how they go about their propaganda and compares it to television programs in Russia. It’s a fascinating conversation giving much more context into Russian society and politics than you’ll get anywhere else.

Other recent episodes have included discussing the Uighur (also spelt Uyghur) Genocide in China and why people online seem to be defending it, going inside Africa’s ISIS branches, and even the story of Fat Leonard (who, conveniently, has an entire podcast dedicated to him and his crimes). He looks at Europe’s growing crisis with 3D printed guns, the history of the militaristic patrolling of the oceans since the time of the Phoenicians, and an episode on Hawaii’s place as the midsection (and in the crossfire) of world empires.

“Angry Planet” will be the most interesting and informative 40 minutes of your week. Gault is dedicated to finding the stories you won’t hear elsewhere and hearing from the people who know the most about them. You’ll be feeling more worldly and more informed than ever with “Angry Planet.” Tune in every Friday for the most interesting news stories you’ll hear all week.

Listen to ‘Angry Planet’

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