Twitter verified? Hear about blue checks and success on ‘Ain’t Nobody Checkin’ For Me’

Comedy August 11, 2021
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Rachel Joravsky and Cody Wilkins are unverified and unchecked – on Twitter that is. What is it about that elusive blue check that we want so bad? Well, I mean, besides the external validation that people know your name. So, together, they are digging into the myth of success by chatting with their uber accomplished friends. “Ain’t Nobody Checkin’ For Me” is a podcast for those waiting to be verified.

Both hosts are comedy writers and performers who have been featured on numerous platforms like Comedy Central, BET, MTV, and Refinery 29. Wilkins actually currently writes for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and continues to do stand up around New York City. Joravsky performs with her sketch group Lo-fi NYC and comedy duo ThatShitRay.

Each week, the “Ain’t Nobody Checkin’ For Me” hosts sit down with their most successful and funniest friends to figure out the secret to getting that blue check mark. Hear from photographers, comedians, TV writers, journalists, Forbes 30 under 30 alums and many other multi-hyphenate professionals. Joravsky and Wilkins will give you 30-to-40 minutes of comedy, art, and business advice from the people who have found their path.

Hear from people like Tiffany Johnson, a TV and film director with credits like Girls Room, Girl Callin’, and most recently, Solos which stars Uzo Aduba, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Constance Wu, and more. They also chat with actress Ashley Blaine Featherson, creator and star of Hello Cupid and a lead actress in the Netflix hit series Dear White People.

Or, if you’re not into pillars of the entertainment industry, hear from Laundi Keepseagle, executive director of the Chicago nonprofit SaveMoneySaveLife. Listen to her speak on Black-Indigenous solidarity, her work on the 2016 NODAPL protest, and the status-quos she is pushing aside.

Whatever you’re into, whatever you’re passionate about, find someone who has made it their life on “Ain’t Nobody Checkin’ For Me.” Or, if you just really want that little blue check next to your name. All are welcome.

Listen to ‘Aint’ Nobody Checkin’ For Me’

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