Trey Wingo chats with sports champs and Hall of Famers on ‘Half-Forgotten History’

Sports September 8, 2021
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Trey Wingo is a history buff, sports expert, and industry veteran. With over 30 years of prior experience hosting and broadcasting at ESPN, Trey now hosts his podcast, “Half-Forgotten History,” and loves creating a platform for stories that previously didn’t have an outlet. Trey found over the years that the best conversations he had with players, athletes, and sports insiders frequently happened off-the-record, when the cameras stopped rolling, often over after-hours drinks. In the episodes, Trey will interview your favorite sports stars and capture those special moments to share with you.

Trey’s episodes tackle hot topics, and he is often joined by guests such as coaches, players, sportswriters, and more. Recent episodes explored fantasy football picks with Matthew Berry. Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens dished on the HOF Controversy, and former NFL quarterback Alex Smith spoke about his amazing comeback. James Harrison, former NFL Defensive Player, unpacked his extreme workouts, making an NFL team, and his early moves with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

SportsCenter anchor Kenny Mayne joined Trey to discuss leaving ESPN, his favorite hosting moments, and what he’s currently working on. Kenny joined Podsauce for our first episode, where he shared “Gaslit Nation” and “Pod Save America” as some of his podcast picks.

Podsauce hosts Alesha and Dax recently chatted with Trey about his show and favorite podcasts. Dax was inspired by Trey’s interview with Ryan Leaf. When Ryan was an NFL draft pick in 1998, he didn’t wind up playing any games. His selection was heavily criticized. Ryan’s life took a turn when he started taking drugs, faced his inner demons, and became sober. Prior to listening to this interview, Dax was unfamiliar with this side of Ryan’s life. Trey is quite proud of Ryan’s progress, since he has covered the story since his ESPN days.

For more from Trey, tune in for new, weekly episodes of “Half-Forgotten History.”

Listen to ‘Half-Forgotten History’

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