‘Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein’ has interviewed professional base jumpers, a Holocaust survivor, ‘Naked & Afraid’ competitors, and more

Business December 31, 2021
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Michael Stein considers himself a long shot success and comes from a long ancestral line of other long shots. His grandmother and her family escaped from the Russian concentration camps and made their way to America. His father grew up homeless in New York City, eventually became a millionaire, and then lost it all. Stein himself grew up in a broken home with numerous health issues and learning disabilities. He has risen and fallen and risen again, and his podcast “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” is sharing stories like those.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there’s a new episode of “Long Shot Leaders.” So despite starting in early 2021, Michael Stein has nearly 150 episodes under his belt, each one averaging out at 50 minutes per episode.

“Long Shot Leaders” isn’t just about the CEOs and entrepreneurs of the corporate world, but also about leaders in culture, religion, sports, comedy, and so much more. He’s spoken with people who have competed on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, those who have become world champion skimboarders and surfers, and musicians who have risen through the ranks of Norwegian rock-stardom.

Stein has spoken with so many people from so many different backgrounds, it’s hard to encapsulate everything “Long Shot Leaders” is. You can listen to experts like Scott Mautz spill details on how billion dollar companies run advertising campaigns, just after you listened to professional skydiver and base jumper Joke Summer talk about selling dirt bikes to jumping from planes, escaping death, and travelling the world.

He speaks with people who have gone from prison to prosperity, people trying to create lasting transformations, and people who, much like him, have learned to adapt learning disabilities to find success. Stein’s episode with Ansley Fender, “How to overcome ADHD and become a serial entrepreneur with Ansley Fender,” speaks about using her ADHD to become her own boss and finding inspiration from her two small daughters to persist through the difficulties of founding startups.

The episode that Stein suggests everyone listen to, though, is his episode with Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser. The episode, titled “Ben Lesser, talks about the holocaust, his time in the concentration camps, and his life afterward – Special Episode” from March 29th, 2021, is a special two and a half hour episode in which he speaks about continuing to teach people and children about the Holocaust and how he has tried to answer the questions he’s always had about the mass genocide.

“Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” is full of incredible stories about courage, perseverance, and overcoming all of the odds. Guests range from people with simple jobs who found great success, to Academy Award winners, to anyone in between. Each episode creates a cinematic experience in the retelling of each guests stories, you’ll be hooked from the start. Be sure to check out “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” for your daily dose of inspiration.

Listen to ‘Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein’

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