Deep, dark secrets, prank calls, and mysteries: ‘Love and Radio’ features eclectic guests sharing a wide range of human experiences

Society & Culture August 16, 2022
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What was it like to survive a stroke? How about giving away your life’s savings as an artist each night? Who is deemed the most hated lawyer in New York? “Love and Radio” shares these sorts of personal journeys and interviews unexpected guests. Host Nick van der Kolk is joined by an array of eclectic voices ranging “from the seedy to the sublime.” Hear intimate portraits of unique human experiences from artists, a taxidermist, a lawyer/performance artist, a bank robber/almost-Olympic athlete, and many more.

Longtime fans of the series can look forward to seasons 8 and 9 that were just announced with new, biweekly episodes. The podcast is reopening “The Secrets Hotline,” welcoming callers to spill their stories and possibly be featured on new episodes.

“Love and Radio” has released over 50 episodes running less than an hour on average. Stream the series in any order aside from two-parters like “Gotcha!” that should be heard from the beginning. The story arc is about a prank call turned real life soap opera on an Australian breakfast radio show.

There are episodes on animals, a wood chopper in Norway analyzing a lost love, and a bioartist focusing on DNA manipulation and genetic modification – just to name a few. In an episode, hear what happened when Alex Pacheco went undercover in 1981 at Dr. Edward Taub’s lab, a neuroplasticity researcher performing experiments on macaque monkeys.

Some episodes are reminiscent of “Mystery Show,” a series embarking on personal quests for truth and finally answering long-standing questions. Violin teacher Bob Padgett believed he found an answer to a 119-year-old mystery, and tune in to hear what he learned. In another episode, “Greetings from Coney Island,” Rachel Prince received a mysterious letter from 1938.

Tune in to hear Paul Wood’s story, a guy sent to prison for murder at age 18, and how he started adulthood in several of New Zealand’s prisons including the maximum security wing of Paremoremo Prison (Auckland Prison).

This series reminds us of “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People,” where comedian Chris Gethard accepts random callers and hears their stories ranging from venting personal dramas to philosophical musings. We also recommend “Love and Radio” for fans of “The 11th,” a series sharing engaging stories that do not fit one particular format, treating listeners to intimate conversations, fiction, investigative journalism, and more from different voices each month.

Tune into “Love and Radio” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Love and Radio’

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