Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, and more talk about their new holiday music on these 9 podcast episodes

Music December 24, 2021

This season, we’re jamming with artists’ new, festive tunes. A bunch of artists released new holiday songs and stopped by podcasts over the last few weeks to chat about their material. On our round-up, we’ve included an episode with Christmas queen Mariah Carey chatting about her holiday collab with Khalid and Kirk Franklin.

Kelly Clarkson is releasing new music, and Michael Bublé just appeared on a holiday TV special. Darren Criss is stoked for his album, whose name lent itself to a very suitable title, A Very Darren Crissmas. We’ll also hear from Leona Lewis, Ingrid Michaelson, Norah Jones, and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas in these podcast episodes.

The Bobby Bones Show

Listen to Mariah Carey on ‘The Bobby Bones Show’

Christmas queen Mariah Carey chatted with iHeartRadio’s “The Bobby Bones Show.” In this episode, Mariah’s brief interview starts around the 9:15 minute mark. She discusses collaborating with Khalid and Kirk Franklin on her new track, “Fall in Love at Christmas” and naturally talked about “All I Want for Christmas is You.” In this interview, hear why caramel is Mariah’s favorite flavor, her Irish cream brand, why she loves supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and more.

On With Mario Lopez

Listen to Meghan Trainor on ‘On with Mario Lopez’

Meghan Trainor is thrilled to release her new holiday music video. On this 13-minute episode of “On with Mario Lopez,” Meghan discussed her holiday music video, motherhood, her family’s holiday traditions, and more.

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show On Demand

Listen to Darren Criss on ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning Show On Demand’

Darren Criss dropped his holiday album, A Very Darren Crissmas. On this episode of “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show On Demand,” Darren’s interview starts around the 1 hour, 2-minute mark. He shared what it was like performing in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and why he loves Christmas music. Darren spoke about collaborating with Adam Lambert, filming the fun music video with the concept to prank Santa, and more.

Love Someone with Delilah

Listen to Michael Bublé on ‘Love Someone with Delilah’

Michael Bublé performed on NBC’s special, Christmas in the City. Michael Bublé joined Deliah Rene on iHeartRadio’s “Love Someone with Delilah” for a 35-minute interview. Michael talked about food, his family, holiday traditions, his opinions on foot pajamas, and more. He also discussed his iconic holiday album, Christmas, released over a decade ago.

Happy Place

Listen to Leona Lewis on ‘Happy Place’

This year, Leona Lewis is re-releasing her holiday album, Christmas, With Love. She sat down with “Happy Place” host Fearne Cotton to chat about her work ethic, music, her favorite holiday memories, and spending quality time with family. Leona also discussed racism, animals, and why it’s important to speak out on issues. Leona recapped her recent UK tour with Gary Barlow. Check out this 49-minute interview.

Main Girl Pod

Listen to Ingrid Michaelson on ‘Main Girl Pod’

Ingrid Michaelson spoke with Sound Byte Podcasts’ “Main Girl Pod” about her new holiday record, Songs for the Season, Christmas customs, and crying, just to name a few topics. She shared her process when writing music and lyrics for Broadway’s The Notebook: The Musical. Later in this 56-minute episode, Ingrid ranked her top 5 favorite Broadway show tunes.

The Bobby Bones Show

Listen to Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Bobby Bones Show’

Kelly Clarkson stopped by iHeartRadio’s “The Bobby Bones Show” to unpack her new holiday album, Wrapped in Red. She also shared her daily routine, why she was surprised when Steve Carell’s character shouted her name in The 40 Year Old Virgin, and how she was flooded with DMs after announcing she was single. Kelly’s interview starts around the 38:50 minute mark.

Love Someone with Delilah

Listen to Norah Jones on ‘Love Someone with Delilah’

Norah Jones caught up with Delilah and shared her first-ever holiday album, I Dream of Christmas, filled with six original tracks and holiday classics. In this episode of iHeartRadio’s “Love Someone with Delilah,” Norah chatted about Christmas memories, making jello, kitchen faux pas like candied yams with burnt marshmallows, and more. Check out this 31-minute interview.

On with Mario Lopez

Listen to Rob Thomas on ‘On with Mario Lopez’

Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas spoke with “On with Mario Lopez” in this 7-minute episode. He talked about recording over the summer. It was the perfect window and he finally had time, so he called up his friends like Brad Paisley and Ingrid Michaelson to appear on the album. Rob shared how he selected the songs for his Christmas album, Something About Christmas Time, and why he appreciates crooner records. Rob also shared why an $11.99 drone is on his wishlist, and more.

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