Megan McDermott and Sarah Nelson have a true crime theory: ‘It’s Always the Husband’

True Crime August 25, 2021
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If you like true crime podcasts with a sprinkled dose of humor, you might want to check out Megan McDermott and Sarah Nelson’s “It’s Always the Husband.” At Podsauce, we’re seeing many genre-bending combo shows, and “It’s Always the Husband” tops our list.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and hear about “buffoon” husbands with the hosts who are also friends IRL. They share an obsession with all things true crime. From TV shows like Betrayed, Cold Case Files, and Forensic Files to true crime podcasts, Sarah and Megan are up-to-speed on the latest news.

The hosts started “It’s Always the Husband” to unpack cases featured on their favorite shows. Their podcast’s title originated from their theory that suspect crime cases often lead back to the husband. Sarah and Megan are also co-workers and chat about their lives.

“Don’t Marry A Dick”

In the episode, “Don’t Marry A Dick,” the hosts recapped S1E15 of Blood, Lies, and Alibis. This TV show is told through re-enactments. In S1E15, we travel to Texas to meet Richard (aka “Dick” on the podcast), his wife, Susan, and their 3 kids. Dick had many “bad and dumb” issues in his life. Richard was unable to hold down a job and was deemed a “weirdo” by friends. Police knocked on his door after they found an abandoned SUV registered to his wife on the side of the road. His wife was allegedly visiting friends for Thanksgiving and had already been away for a few days. Richard called Susan’s friend who she was supposed to visit. The friend said Susan cancelled the trip. Richard filed a missing persons report the next day.

Police found blood on her car’s dashboard. They went through Richard’s phone records and pulled Susan’s credit card statements. The house was turned over for evidence and Richard was interviewed. Police remarked how unusual Richard’s behavior was. According to police in his first interview, Richard would not put down the ice pop he was eating and gave “incoherent responses.” He was identified as a suspect. Later on, police found evidence that linked a random guy to Richard, who is considered an accomplice. Susan’s body was found. A candy wrapper at the scene linked Richard to Susan’s murder.

For more true crime cases, tune in to “It’s Always the Husband.” New episodes are available weekly. Podsauce’s Episode 7 is now streaming!

Listen to ‘It’s Always the Husband’

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